Unison – Home Video

Release Date: Mon, April 2nd, 1990

The enchanting pop vocalist Celine Dion was a superstar in her native Québec long before making her English-language debut with the triple platinum / Columbia album, ‘Unison.’ Now Celine touches the heart and moves the spirit with her first home video collection ‘Unison,’ featuring a never before used version of “Calling You,” a previously unreleased version of her breakthrough hit “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” plus exclusive interviews with Celine at her home.

At 23, Celine Dion was already a veteran performer with four platinum French-language albums and two 1991 Juno awards (“Vocalist Of The Year” and “Album Of The Year” for ‘Unison’). Already the most acclaimed new pop voice of the year in America, the success of ‘Unison’ propelled her to major stardom on the world stage.

Also available in French.