The Colour of My Love

Release Date: Tue, November 9th, 1993

‘The Colour Of My Love’ is Celine Dion’s third English language record. The anticipation for this release was originally heightened by the hype around the success of the soundtrack to the hit film ‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ for which Celine sang the theme song “When I Fall In Love” with Clive Griffin. ‘The Colour Of My Love’ boasts a number of ballad performances that equal such notable Dion hits as her Grammy-winning “Beauty And The Beast” and the Top 5 single “If You Asked Me To.” Celine reinforces her prior reputation with this album’s premiere single and video, “The Power Of Love.”

Together with hits like “Misled,” “Only One Road,” and “Think Twice,” this is a release that will surely be very difficult to top.

Other tracks from ‘The Colour Of My Love’ prove Celine’s range of talent. “Refuse to Dance,” with its foreboding atmosphere, swirling gypsy violin lines and enigmatic lyrics, is unlike anything Celine has ever recorded before. “Loving Proof” evokes the glory days of Philadelphia soul, as its vibraphone-tinged verses lead into a breathtaking chorus of strings and voices. ‘The Colour Of My Love’ closes with its title song, co-written and produced by David Foster and certain to become a standard in the canon of Celine Dion ballads.