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tour 2014

tour 2014

Is celine going to do a little tour this year ? Or come to the UK bexuse she's the only female artist inn the UK to have sold 1 million copies and she done a concert for Paris because of her fans what about if she's going to do one here?
Or is she going to do a little tour around the place I really want to know because I really want too see her

Celine means everything to me she taught me to believe in myself to follow my dreams because you don't know what the future holds she's my idol my inspiration she's the only singer I will always love if I met her I would just freeze I love her sosososososoososososososososososo much words can't even explain so does anyone know anything !!! ????????

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

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You might have to save up and go an see her In Las Vegas like most fans have to do if you want to see her that badly? She is there for another couple of years so plenty of time to plan a trip.

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Hello celinedion_FE

Celine's current show engagement in Las Vegas will continue for several years. Currently, there are no plans for any concerts outside of Las Vegas in 2014.