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Hi Celine I can't help to hold back tears thinking about Rene I pray for him everyday since I heard I love you very much Rene we will get through this...Celine May God heal your heart and give you strength in this difficult time. love you very much


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bonjour Céline tient bon René a toujours était la pour toi, il ne va pas ce défilé trop Amoureux de toi, René sera toujours la il ne va pas du jour au lendemain de dire en revoir. Est confiance en lui et en toi courage la belle Céline tout le monde des fans ont derrière vous bisous a vous deux et aussi a vos petits bouts de choux.

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Celine, I absolute love you. I have loved you since I was 4 years old and now I am 24. I have travelled from South Africa to LV to watch you perform in 2011. It was absolute bliss. I only wish you release your new Vegas Show on DVD so that I may relive that day over and over again.

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I love you so much céline!!!!! you're amazing...Brazil loves you

you are amazing!!!!!!

Celine Dion, fabulous and 'incredible' as always.

your music is my inspiration celine, hope you can come to indonesian. i want to see youuuu

wow great viedo

Great video and great song!!!

This amazing iloveu celine!

I'm in love with your songs
Every day I listen to your songs
Your voice is so good and amazing
My biggest wish is to see events near you
And this picture I hope you post the picture you'll like.

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Thank you for posting the "Incredible" video! Smile

Celine, I have always followed your musical discography. I love your elegance and your humanity. Thanks for sharing such tender moments of your personal life with us.I wish the best for you and your family.
Best regards, from Canary Islands Spain


I finally wanted to take the time to thank you for posting the "Celine Thanks You/vous dit merci" video! I'm very impressed by Céline - how she never disappoints her fans and shares some prescious moments with them after each show. I was there in Paris on December 1 and I also waited for her outside after the show. People went totally crazy when she came out (some were hurt or had broken glasses afterwards!) and when I saw this, I asked myself how Céline can do this over and over again. If I were her, I'd be quite afraid. I think this shows the amazing love she shares with all her fans, she would never disappoint us! Thank you for everything, Céline!

I love you Celine


Love you Celine <3


TeamCeline should addd the "Live (For the One I Love)" music video to Celine's video page.

Celine you are realy make me back to life

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Celine, you're missing one of my favorite songs from your list, "Une Colombe". Please include it?

Lynn Lachance
Fonthill, Ontario

"Her work ethic is just unbelievable"
Everyone who knows celine will know about this
I'm so fed up with people saying that she doesn't have any personality
She has one, the different is just that she has a nice one
While all the other "artists" wanting everyone to revolves around them
Celine does not, she respects people
In her new album celine sang 'thank you because you didn't have to'
Id say, no, thank you, you have give so much for us and for all the people at least what we can do is trying to give something back
'A trooper, a soldier' maybe she should add that to the list besides a mother, a wife, and a golfer
A soldier is someone who get the job done with such determination regardless the obstacles that one will face
Celine is a soldier, much respect to you my lady

With love that Miss. Celine taught me

سلام عزیزم ممنون از آهنگای زیبات دوست دارم ومیبوسمت صابره

i love you

I love love love Celine!!!

Швырло Виталий

you are the best Laughing out loud

#CelineDion @infinitejhy on twitter/IG

if you really loves celine come on my facebook and you will see the big fans of my celine celine i can't say any word because you touched me all my live:laila lion

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thank you Celine for all the time you spend with your fans and for a great new album it great happy new year what you do thank you !!!
jane Ibbitson
Perth West Australia

jane Ibbitson
Perth. Western Australia

i would love so much to be greece one of your stations on your next tour . we love, you and your family. happy holidays and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!

wow Celine 4 in the morning even after a 2 hour show?? oh my gosh Celine I have so much respect for you you are really by far the best there is no one else that is like you no one who could ever be as dedicated as you are Celine Smile I LOOOOOOVE UNFINSHED SONGS SO MUCH ITS SUCH A GREAT SONG both versions of it are!!! its so amazing so inspirational who wouldn't love it Smile
love you and your songs forever Celine Smile!!!!!

I am waiting for Loved Me Back To Life official music videos

its sounds so beautiful..Smile love you celine♥♥♥

Dear celine,
It's me again haha. But I would just like to say I love how your so down to earth and how you and Rene's love story is so touching. It's like a one of a kind love story hahaha. I love the movie CELINE! Because it shows that anyone can be something big or anyone's dream can come true if you believe and never give up. And celine dion you showed that a small town girl can do anything and change others life's. your an amazing person that everyone would look up to. And till this day I still look up to because ur my number one role model. I believe that without love there's nothing you can do and I know that love is what keeps your wonderful voice from God going and may GOD continue blessing your family and your career! God bless you and I love u! I wish I could meet you!!! Every fourteen year old dream!!!!

Love, Ana

Celine has always been such an inspiration. She has the voice of an angel. Her voice has healing powers. I can have a head ache and turn on some Celine and my headache intensity decreases and then I feel better. It's truly amazing and therapeutic,like many fans, she inspires me to sing and develop my voice as an instrument, in addition to just having fun and enjoying music. Below is the link to my cover of her amazing Loved Me Back to Life. I am no professional................just love music.

I was in the front row when she came to Jamaica. It was a great experience. Electrifying!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing her one of these days when I have the time to travel.


Dear Celine,
I love your music and everything you've done! Your my role model! But I don't think I could ever be that good.... Ever! Well I'm only fourteen and my wish is to always wanting to meet u! I've been it biggest fan since I heard your song because you loved me! It inspired me to do more and reach out into the world and help out. So I did fun raisers and all those kind off stuff. But my only dream is to meet you! But I hope one day that dream can be reality. Your music is the only thing that kept me hanging on when I was being bullied physically and emotionally. Your music is always saying your alive and make something useful out of your self! Well I would like to thank you very much Celine and may God bless you and your family! One day I will meet you.... One day. But it's gonna take along time:( well love you so much Celine and thank you for your wonderful voice from heaven!


Hi Celine!
This is maybe one of your biggest fans.I`m really happy that I can send you comments!!!
I love all your songs .You are really different from other singers and I`m sure you are the BEST one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But there`s a question :Can you ever guess how much we love you and how many fans you have in Iran?Maybe not!
I always download your lyrics and translate them into Farsi. I spread them between my friends because I know they will enjoy your beautiful songs

Celine, You are by far the best singer in the World, This CD is amazing and so are you. t\The one person that can make any and every song the best that it can be, and you nailed it they are all great.My sister and I will be seeing your show on March 18 2014 and we can hardly wait.

Cindy just one of your fan members

Cindy Parker

I just can't stop listening this song. Its tremendous, lovely and full of feeling. You made my live happier with your voice. Thanks a lot Céline!!!

J'adore Céline

The is no other voice like yours, Celine! You have a unique, angelic beautiful voice!! I love your morals, your love for your family, everything about you. I can relate to you as so many things that you have been through, I have too. God love you...Whispering Eagle

Celine, eres única y maravillosa. Mi sueño de verte en vivo en Las Vegas pronto se me hará realidad y ese día será uno de los más maravillosos de mi vida. En el 2005 no tuve oportunidad de verla ya que ya los boletos estaban agotados pero esta vez haré todo por verla.

Saludos desde Mérida, Yucatán. México.

I your fan and I love you

I have listened to Celine for years and never have seen her live. God has gifted her with a voice of an Angel. Her husband picked a jewel. She can make any song beautiful. I am certain she hears this all the time. She puts her emotions into the song so you can feel what she feels.

Incredible talents Collaboration of Celine and Ne-Yo is so great!!!!
I excited when I hear this song!!! I love this song so much!!!
I love Celine!!!!