TeamCeline 24-hour Advance Preview!

2007/09/09 8:00AM Canada (English)

Starting today, TeamCeline members have a 24-hour advance preview of Celine’s new single, “Taking Chances” and its accompanying in-studio video. Be among the first to listen to the title track from the new English-language album and preview behind-the-scenes footage of Celine in the recording studio. This video will be available to the general public through and Sympatico.MSN tomorrow, but TeamCeline members get to watch it through a special link TODAY!! TeamCeline members will receive an e-mail as soon as the special link has been posted on the 'Taking Chances' page inside the exclusive TeamCeline area. Make sure to check your inbox!! If you are not a TeamCeline member, don't miss out on this preview! Join TeamCeline now!