I Wish...

I Wish...

Hello everybody, it’s me again.

How are you? Me, I’m fine, but the only thing that’s making me crazy is prepping myself for college, which I’m not looking forward to going to at all. For one thing, the things that happened to me in my American schools that I went to may happen to me again.
I may have so many Braille books that I may have to carry all around again, my homework may not be in Braille again, I may have different textbooks that have nothing to do with the textbooks that the sighted people read, and if I do have my work in Braille, which rarely happens, it is just a lot of things that I can not read at all, and I may have to get my parents to read the print version for me.
Sometimes, I don’t even have any of the textbooks in Braille or on audio, and my poor parents have to read the things for me, and I don’t think it’s fair to them at all. They have other things to do other than read a book that I think I’m responsible for reading.
So, I’m not really looking forward to college at all because I’m afraid that I may have to go through that all over again.
I’m just glad that I have a good memory to remember things that people read to me when not in Braille or on audio because with out it, I would not have graduated from school.

All of you who can see are so lucky because you don’t have to deal with any of the things I had to deal with in school.
Yes, I know it is hard to do all your work, but just put yourselves in a blind persons shoes, and pickture what you would go through.
The textbooks are so small for you guys, you all have like three or four of them, but if you are blind, you get a libreary just for the books you need to read.

My friend back in the States has it good. She doesn’t have to put up with this at all. She gets all her work in Braille, she gets it on audio, and she doesn’t even have to keep carrying all her textbooks because she has them on a little card that she sticks in to a machine that I use as well, and the little card has all her books on it if she has to read them, and they are on audio as well.
Her homework is not on audio, but it’s in Braille and in print for her. The cool thing is that she could read it, but for me, the people who wrote the work could not write not in Braille very good.

Sometimes, I wish I could see the world, and I wish I could see Celine Dion through my eyes, but I can’t. Everytime I listen to her voice, she makes me feel like I’m not blind, and when I’m done, I don’t feel that I see anymore, even if I listen to another persons music.

Anyway, I’m sorry that you needed to hear all of this, but I just want to let you know how much I want to share myself with the world.
I love you all, and I wish you all happiness in the world.

To Dionworshiper, I would like to send you my most thanks because you made me feel so much better.
Maybe I will meet her and feel her beauty, but I doubt that’s going to happen to me.
Oh well, can’t say that I tried to make one of my dreams come true.
I was looking forward to giving her my demo, sculpture, a letter that I wrote to her in French, and a piece of jewelry that I made for her.

I’m excited because when I’m in America again, I’m going to Vegas right after my 20th birthday, wich is on the tenth of August, and I’m going to make my dream of meeting her true. I will not give up at all until it comes true. I just have to get the tickets to the show, and get my gifts ready just in Icase I meet her.

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Hello, Heidi. My name is Dana, and, I have Macular Degeneration since I was born. So, yes, i do know what it was like to have to get things imn large print. Not always an easy thing to do. It is just the same as trying to get things in Braille. So, don't feel like you are alone. I feel when I listen to Celine's music, I feel like I do not have low vision. I feel like I can do ANYTHING I want without people stopping me. So, yes, I do feel for you. Just keep listening to Celine's music, and, know that she does care for you, even though she does not know you personally. And, have dreams about her, and, meeting her. I know your dream will come true.If you ever want to talk one low vision person to another, then feel free to email me. I will send a private message to you with my address to do that, and, we can talk. And, you can vent to me your problems. Because I DO care.

I remember this little thread that I wrote, and I love it so much.
Anyway, I wrote this in Germany, and I thought I was going to listen to her after my 20th Birthday, but it looks like I have to wait until next year, but I hate waiting for that.
Anyway, I'm so excited because I am going to meet her, and we will have fun together.

So, you seriously are going to meet Celine Marie Claudette Dion-Angélil? Or are you saying that because you know that will happen? I hope you seriously get your dream to come true, but, if you do get to meet her, then please don't come, and, brag, tell us that you got to meet her in every single post. It is okay to start a thread in here, and, say you met her, and, all. But, it will get annoying if you say that <"I met Celine Dion, and, it was the best experience of my life", or, something like that. i am not saying that you can't tell about meeting her, but, not all the time. Just a friendly little suggestion.

Oh, thanks so much for the recomendation.
I would never brag on it.
I would just say I met her, and how I met her, and what her and I did at the meeting, and that will be it.
You are very kind.
I know I will meet her and my dream will come true, and if it does, I will not go all over the forum and brag about it.

That is all I am saying, because people, and, yes including me will be annoyed by you doing it. We just want to know once how you met her, only if YOU want to tell us, and, how you enjoyed her. Then you don't have to speak about it again.