Celine have over 3000 shoes

Celine have over 3000 shoes

After Cheryl Cole, it's time for Dion to confess her love for shoes. The star recently revealed she had over 3000 pairs of shoes. At this stage, it is more an obsession than love. But it's stronger. She can not resist buying a new pair of shoes as soon as it pleases him. "If you have, say 600 pairs of shoes, you are considered a capricious? I have 3000. Some take drugs, I buy my shoes," she confessed.

However, if Celine Dion can now buy whatever she wants, this has not always been the case. The star of 43 years has indeed grown up in a poor family in the town of Charlemagne, Canada, surrounded by her 13 brothers and sisters. "I grew up in a tiny house. My mother was bright enough to put a pillow in a drawer and have it sleep for a baby. We were warm and safe. Three or four of us slept in the same bed. we were not poor but we never had much money, "she told the magazine Vanity Fair.

Moreover, Celine Dion knows that if she is here today thanks to his fans that support it continuously, "My fans bought me my house. They bought my records ... I am very grateful . People bought my albums every year, and they came to see my concerts, and even if it's expensive, they continue to come. "

Moi, Je t'offrirais des perles de pluie, Venues de pays, Où il ne pleut pas
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Vanity Fair devotes a laudatory interview with Celine Dion in its latest edition. "The Princess of Caesars Palace has 3000 pairs of shoes, but keep both feet on the ground" can be read in the introduction.

The singer was awarded the team of Vanity Fair for lunch in the gazebo family residence in Jupiter Island, Florida, facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The paper signed by John Heilpern and illustrated by Tim Sheaffer an amusing caricature of the singer tells several stages of the life of Celine Dion, starting from birth to Charlemagne.

Soon, the journalist made ​​the observation that Celine Dion, even if it is an adored star, is an open book and it keeps both feet on the ground. She confesses that she particularly 3000 pairs of shoes.

"Some people take drugs, she said, I buy shoes!"

It is also about the importance of the presence of the singer in Las Vegas, that is, they say, is a "stimulus package" for the revival of the economy of the city.

"The performances (the show) are planned around the schedules of school his son 10 years, says the journalist. The show of 90 minutes, the same price as those of Broadway shows regularly full. "

The article attributes the popularity of Celine in her remarkable voice and her beautiful love songs, but the real stories she tells about her personal life, as it did to Oprah Winfrey.

"With a record 27 appearances, she is the favorite celebrity Oprah Winfrey, says the journalist (...), a festival of love that a legion of fans like Celine, the reality behind the fairy tale that 'they feed themselves. "

Moi, Je t'offrirais des perles de pluie, Venues de pays, Où il ne pleut pas
Merci Céline et René! xxx

Hehe I don't blame her at all!

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That's alot of shoes!

and only two feet hahahhaha Laughing out loud