Celine's Top 10 Music Videos

Celine's Top 10 Music Videos

Hey guys, I'm doing a video for YouTube on the best Celine music videos. The number of responses will determine the length of the video.

Just vote for your top 10 Celine music videos...

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The song in english only or her french and her english song?

Moi, Je t'offrirais des perles de pluie, Venues de pays, Où il ne pleut pas
Merci Céline et René! xxx

Both her French and English songs

I never hear other French record, except Pour que tu m'aimes encore..
My list are :

1. That's The Way It Is
2. My Heart Will Go On
3. One Heart
4. I Drove All Night
5. I'm Alive
6. A New Day Has Come
7. Taking Chances
8. Because You Loved Me
9. You ans=d
10. If You Asked Me Too

01) A New Day Has Come
02) I'm Alive
03) Taking Chances
04) Et S'il N'En Restait Qu'une (Je Serais Celle-Là)
05) My Heart Will Go On
06) Love Can Move Mountains
07) You & I
08) Ziggy
09) Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore
10) Immortality

1. It's all coming back to me now
2. My Heart will go on
3. A new day has come
4. Falling into you
5. Think Twice
6. I'm alive
7. Love can move mountains
8. The power of love
9. Pour que Tu'aimes encore
10.Tell him

1.It's all coming back to me now
2.Falling into you
3.Taking chances
4.A new day has come
5.Tell him
6.My heart will go on
8.On ne change pas
10.I'm alive

♡ Mon amour, il n'en tient qu'à nous de nous aimer plus fort!♡

To whom it may concern:

Dear Sir/Madam

On 2008 my wife and me attended celine dion concert in dubai (take a chances) tour.it was unforgetable night

and we placed at the first row of crowded i mean the distance was approximately 2 meters to celine dion and i looking

to get DVD of that concert.would you send me or guide me how to download it?

truly yours


1. That's the Way It Is
2. One Heart
3. I Drove All Night
4. Incredible
5. Taking Chances
6. A New Day Has Come
7. I'm Alive
8. Its' All Coming Back to Me Now
9. You and I
10. Beauty and the Beast