O Holy Night

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This is the best Christmas Album EVER!!! I have it in my car's disc player 24/7. I even listen to it throughout the year! I love all of Celine's music. My favorite song I watch constantly is je t'aime encore. I watch her perform on her Live in Las Vegas DVD almost every night. And on YouTube also like when I am at work! I have been the biggest fan of Celine's, ever since I saw her on the Joan River's talk show back in 1988. Fell in love with her voice from the moment I heard her sing "Where Does My Heart Beat Now".
Merry Christmas, best wishes to all.
Bob Galligher, Dallas, TX


Merry Christmas Celine Sexy
Love your version Shock

Je pense que cette chanson est une de plus belles chansons de Noel. Et la si belle voix donne une profondeur extraordinaire...

Every christmas night I use to listen to this album and this special song is one of most beautiful christmas songs recorded by Celine. Her vioce gives a angelical touch to this song.

I love this song so much it's so tender the way Celine sings it! I've listened to so many versions but only Celine's one makes me cry whenever I listen to it. It's true that Celine turns to GOLD any song she sings. She's the best.