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2014/04/04 3:00AM Canada (English)

If a movie was made about your life, what Celine songs would you include on the soundtrack? Is there a particular Celine song that sums up your life?

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i'd have to go with new dawn as "the" song that fits my life best

Peace N Luv

My Soundtrack would be called "Burlap To Satin"

1. "Ce n'était qu'un rêve"
2. "If Love Is Out Of The Question" (I have morals.... If your not in it for LOVE, well, Forget me.)
3. "The Power Of Love" (I fell in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!)
4. "I'm Alive" (High above the clouds we sailed we were so high in LOVE.)
5. "FAITH" (There comes a point in a relationships that you keep hanging on and you hold onto your faith in that person, the relationship, in hops that it will get better.)
6. "I Know What Love Is" (I definitely knew what love was and is all about. Friends before lovers, a solid foundation, TRUST)
7. "Water From The Moon" (Just as the song says: What do I have to do, to make you love to make you want me?)
8. 'Water And A Flame" (Love was gone, the room, my heart was empty. I wasn't quite sure where my and IF my heart was going to beat again. And ALL that water from the moon, because thats what i had to do. It just evaporated...)
9. "A New Day Has Come" (A new day, a new life. I was starting over, and I still am.)
10. "Goodbye's The Saddest Word" (I never wanted this song in my soundtrack. And even though its a BEAUTIFUL song. It was hard to listen to it when the album came out. But on February 15, 2012 I lost my Mother. She passed away in my arms. I will always love you Mom. Her name was Regenia. Jetaime encore Moma. Xoxo...)
11. "Parler à mon père" (Came out first, and every word of the lyrics spoke so strongly to me, I wanted to sail away.... I wanted to talk to my Mother again)
12. "Loved Me Back to Life" (I waited sooo long for a Celine Dion album, for the simple reason to HEAL. And when this song came out. It said EVERYTHING I needed to hear. And through Family and Friends and of course GOD, I've been loved back to life.)

Merci beaucoup, Royce Xoxo...

There are a lot...

Goodbye's the saddest word
Je sais pas
Je ne vous oublie pas
I surrender
If i could

I love you so much. You change my live. You are the greatest singer in the world.

The perfect song/s of Celine that would sum up my life would be.....

UNFINISHED SONGS! This song means a lot!

Oh of course...

Ten Days, Attendre, Celle qui m'a tout appris, At Seventeen, Surprise Surprise, The Greatest Reward, Faith, Call The Man, On ne change pas, S'il suffisait d'aimer, The Power Of The Dream and That's The Way It Is... etc etc etc...


Good question... In a way I could use all of her songs as my life soundtrack because Céline herself is such an important part of my life Smile But if I had to choose just a few which describe my life - or at least parts of it - those would be:
D'amour ou d'amitié
I Love You
Fade Away
At Seventeen
Qui peut vivre sans amour?
A New Day Has Come
I Want You To Need Me
That's The Way It Is
Ne partez pas sans moi

I think this song should be... That's The Way It Is Smile

Unfinished Songs, Celle qui m'a tout appris, If I can dream, The Power of The Dream, and I'm your angel

Definitely I Surrender and Love Doesn't Ask Why.

A New Day Has Come is a song that has to much meaning to me.

There are a few songs that could fall into this category but I think the one that comes closest to my own life is "If I could". Being adopted, this song really reads like an open letter that I think my biological mom would have written to me if she ever was able to reunite with me. The only thing I know about her is that she was very young when I was born...about 17. And this was back in the early 1960's, when there wasn't anywhere near as much support out there for single moms. I have a long history with mental illness, and I'm pretty sure my mom probably suffered from similar health issues. All I can see when I think of her is a teenage woman scared out of her mind and then having to go through the heart wrenching experience of having to give me up. I tried to find her a few years ago but found out that she had passed on. I hope she knows now that I turned out OK. It's no wonder so many of Celine's songs bring people to tears.

There are several but the ones that would sum up my life the most would be: 1- A New Day Has Come, because I have gone through so many hard times in the past like during my 7th grade year I was severely bullied and never did find out why, there were several times that off and on I would feel that people just didn't like me or they were embarrassed to be around me and I had felt like I had to be like them and not be my self and I would always worry about what people would think about me and it made me feel like I wasn't allowed to be myself, and during my 8th grade year I had a goal to become one of the greatest softball players on the team, but my coach made me feel like I wasn't even a part of the team anymore, it all just felt so depressing and endless for me, but finally after waiting for so long and doing my best to keep my strength I made it through and now ill never be the same person again!!! the words to this song couldn't explain this in any better way!!! the beginning of the song: "I was waiting for so long for a miracle to come everyone told me to be strong hold on and don't shed a tear etc..." was exactly how I felt as I was going through those hard times, the chorus, "hush now I see a light in the sky... let the rain come down and wash away my tears let it fill my soul let drown my fears let it shatter the walls for a new sun a new day has come" is exactly how I felt as I finally made it through and that new day had finally come, and the 2nd verse: where it was dark now there's light where there was pain now there's joy where there was weakness I found my strength" is how I feel today and the way I will always feel for the rest of my life as I look back at all that I've been through and its all thanks to you Celine Laughing out loud
And 2- the songs Because you loved me and Thank you because through out my whole life I have been surrounded with a family whom I would never replace for anything!!!!! and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them Laughing out loud
thank you Celine for making me realize the person I really am Laughing out loud
I love you so much Laughing out loud

Incredible,a new day has come and immortality


For example : 'Incredible'. THIS IS IT - because of you.....


even though i'm 16 :/ this is pretty much my life always being the one picked on and bullied but i have Celine to thank because shes such and inspiring woman that i love dearly because every time i'm upset or need cheering up i open spotify and play CELINE!!!! <3 love you

Dedicated fan since 2009

Definitively 'This Time' and 'Thank You'. Without a doubt!

supr love! because I'm gonna get to a super love
and I never gonna give it give it up!

Deffinitely At seventeen and Goodbyes the Saddest Word!

Didnt have to "think twice", my "incredible" choice goes "all the way" to
and "I cant fight the feeling" that this can not be mentioned "alone", so I have to add
also "the Show must go on" for my daughter with

So "thank you" for this nice question Smile)
Can I receive a pic with sig. for this answer? Wink

IMMORTALITY........Hoping that is what life brings!!!!!!

I would choose Water From The Moon or S'il suffisait d'aimer <3


Water and a Flame

Maybe also: A New Day Has Come, That's the way it is, At Seventeen, Breakaway, Ziggy and more Laughing out loud