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Win A Chance To See Celine in Las Vegas With France Bleu

2013/05/11 3:00AM Canada (English)

French radio stations in the France Bleu network are organizing a great contest for its loyal listeners. Between May 13 and 17, listen and enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes – win a ‘Sans attendre’ diamond disc award engraved with your name, a copy of the Deluxe Edition of ‘Sans attendre’ or a trip to Las Vegas to see Celine’s incredible show, followed by a meeting with Celine backstage. Good luck, everyone!

Comments for this News article

Je n´ai pas compris encore le pourquoi j´ai demandé de voir Céline backstage à Vegas ( mon rêve) il y a déjà cinq mois et l´équipe de géstion de Céline m´ont donné la réponse que malheuresement en juin elle ne pourra pas me voir à cause de temps chargé... Allors si elle n´avait pas du temps, comment va faire pour recevoir des chanceux de France Bleu? BIZarre ça!!! Je me sens sans paroles...


I'd love to be French now!

Comes to Brasil Celine, pleaseeee

it would be wonderful to listen to ver live, but i live in Argentina =(

How do I enter I'm buzzing after reading that!! Smile

My babes please help me to win xx

celine-dionf.jpg36.28 KB

love celine dions youngest fan for uk xxxx <3

Je trouve ça malheureux que la suisse ne la fait pas Sad

I would feel like in heaven when I could see her once in live, my celine4ever, love you, celine

Good luck to everyone who may enter that contest! AMAZING would that be....but I live in Norway....... Sad

Céline forever <3

Why does only France do that?? Sad