Which Celine Song Would You Like To Hear In A Movie?

2013/09/30 3:00AM Canada (English)

Many Celine songs have been part of great movies such as “Because You Loved Me” from ‘Up Close & Personal’, “My Heart Will Go On” from ‘Titanic’ or “Unfinished Songs” from ‘Unfinished Song’ (Song for Marion). Which Celine song would make a great addition to a movie? Name the song and the movie.

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I always thought that "Keep Your Eyes On Me" would have been a perfect song for a James Bond theme.

"This Time" goes with the movie "Enough"

Hm on ne change pas .

Movie - If Only by Gil Junger and starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt and the song With This Tear.

Movie - When a Man Loves a Woman by Luis Mandoki and starring Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan and Celine's Us from Let's Talk ABout Love.

And many others, but these two touch me very specially.

1. A new day has come (slow version) for the movie World Trade Center
2. Fly for the movie my sisters keeper
3. Loved me back to life for the movie the vow & sleeping beauty
4. The prayer for the movie pursuit of happiness
5. In some small way for the movie pay it forward
6. One heart for the movie soul surfer
7. Live for the one I love got the movie cast away
8. Stand by your side for the movie Prancer
9. Eyes on me for the movie over her dead body
10. At last for the movie the parent trap

Now other Celine songs that go with some of those movies that Celine had already done a song for
1. Titanic - I knew I loved you, have you ever been in love, I know what love is, I surrender, the reason I go on
2. Sleepless in Seattle - have you ever been in love, right in front of you
3. Beauty and the beast - right in front of you, if you asked me to

Good topic, since Celine has sadly not taken advantage of many of her best songs.
Personally I'd like to hear
-Je t'aime encore
-My Love
-The Colour Of My Love
-Zora Sourit
-S' il suffisait d'aimer
-I Surrender
My favourite movie -of all time- is "Nights IN Rodanthe" (based on the omonymous book by Nicholas Sparks). I would be thrilled to hear either "A Song For You", "I Got Nothing Left" or "I love you, goodbye". It's a moving movie, worth-seeing..

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I think they should turn the Wicked Musical into a movie and have Celine sing Defying Gravity


I know what love is

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