What If You Could Attend The Taping of a Celine TV Special?

2012/10/10 1:58PM Canada (English)

For the release of her new French-language album ‘Sans attendre’ on November 5, now available for pre-order at The Boutique , Celine will be in Montreal on October 15 to tape a television special to be broadcast on November 4. Productions J and the TVA network are offering you a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show. For your chance to win, prove that you are Celine’s biggest fan by submitting a photo of yourself and your Celine CDs or any Celine merchandise along with a short 150-word essay explaining why you should be selected! Hurry, you have until October 11 at 11:59PM (ET) to enter. Good luck!

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it was very wrong who ever runs this websight that anounced the contest then it was over did not give anybody a chance i'm still a fan eventhough the stuff that goes on with this website.

It was very short notice thay didn't give anybody a chance i hope the ones that got to go enjoy

I'll be there next Monday!
I'm already counting the hours and the minutes to this magical evening!!!
I'm so anxious that I'm going to Montreal tomorrow instead of Monday, just to make sure I won't be trapped by the traffic jams of the city.
I love Celine and I love Montreal, so It will be perfect!!!

I'm too late Sad
But good luck to everyone who entered Laughing out loud

I am so heartbroken and disappointed because I tried to submit my letter and picture before the deadline to see a live taping of Celine's television special in Montreal, but kept getting an error message. It wouldn't go through and now the contest is over. I am seriously devastated right now and want to know if that happened to anyone else?
I will always be one of her biggest fans but truly am one of her most disappointed ones. Sad

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I am a HUGE Celine fan!!! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession and passion for her and her music. I live in the Montreal area (ile Perrot) and would love to attend the taping. The first time I saw Celine was at a dinner show at the Rustik Restaurant in Chateauquay many years ago....and Celine was so gracious in meeting people after the show and I treasure the picture I have taken with her. I've been fortunate enough to have seen her several times in concert and am in fact going to Vegas January 9th to see her again. The trip is a gift from my husband......I am turning 50 on November 7th. To me, this birthday is a very special one and celebrating it at a Celine taping so close to my birthday would be beyond my wildest dreams as I turn the BIG 50......especially with 5 being "our" lucky number!!!!
If I were to be selected to win, I can assure you Celine, I will make you proud to be part of the show. You touch my life daily and the planet is a better place with you and your compassion in it!!!!

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Where to even start! I have loved Celine for as long as I can remember. But it was only on her Taking Chances world tour that I had the opportunity to see her twice (once being from second row, which inspired my first tattoo!) The way she is so emotionally open with her fans and is so compassionate is truly a gift, and it would be the BEST to have the chance to experience this with her in such an intimate setting! I drive everyone crazy talking about her all the time, but I honestly believe this world is such a better place for her. She shares and gives so much, and seeing where she came from, and where she is now, she is such a great role model for everyone. You can see how she connects to people. She is Canada's greatest gift- 150 words just isn't enough!

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That would be pretty awesome.

That would be AMAZING!

see you soon Celine Shock)

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It would be my biggest dream to see my Idol taping a show,
but unfortunately i can't go to Montreal!! :'(
Lots of Love<3

I must look forward , it's soo important for me to meet Céline once in my Life !! I'm really a very big Fan and if I'm not her biggest Fan, I'm one of her biggest !!! Céline is No1 in my Heart, she's my only and biggest Idol <3 I'm really since a very very long Time Fan of her and I love her Voice, her Songs, her Family, her Performances... I love everything about Céline *____* It's my biggest Dream to meet her once or to sing with her, I hope he'll come true once <3 !!!

J'aime Céline tellement beaucoup que les mots ne peuvent décrire <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

I really want it. But it takes much cost to go there, that's why I never attended in Celine's show. I live in Indonesia. The story began when I was 12 yo, and my family were watched titanic movie, and when I heard the ost, I'm speechless, just like suddenly I got heart attack, I wasn't glance my eyes, and I wasn't move. That was the angel's voice that touched my heart, and since that I've been collected Celine's albums. I have 3 Cd's and 3 cassetes. Since that day I really want to meet Celine, to hug her, to kiss her, btw, I'm a girl, lol Smile)) You know, Celine have been changed my life, she open my eyes to see how big this world, and teach me how to be me, how to be strong, and when I heard about her french song, make me want to learn about french, and france also canada my dream place. I hope that Celine read and hear my voice now :)Salut Celine!! Celine Je T'aime ♡ ♡ ♡ Merci ♥ See you super soon Celinee ♡

[Slur Deleted]

My name is Louise Benoit and I live in Gatineau, Quebec. I have been a fan of Celine since the very beginning and was able to attend several concerts in Canada and buy her albums and CDs When Celine started her shows in Las Vegas, my friends and I bought tickets four times. We were unsuccessful in three of our attempts because of show cancellations. Once, however, we had the opportunity to attend her show -- which was pure magic. What a beautiful concert with Celine's voice -- coming from heaven. Her heart is just so huge. We all love her.

I would love to have the opportunity to attend Celine's TV special in Montreal with a very good friend who is also a huge fan. This would be awsome! We wish Celine all he best with her new CD. Her voice is coming from heaven and she makes this place a better world.

All the very best,

How I would like to be there Sad

I'm a big fan of Celine, but unfortunately I can not go to Montreal!! I really love my Diva since I was eleven!!!!! Sad(((

Would LOVE to but live TOOOOO FAAAAR AWAY!!!

But want to share anyway....being a HUGE fan...an article about me as a HUGE fan, in a Norwegian newspaper last year Smile Here`s the translation.....


When Céline Dion had twins last year, the babies recieved gifts from Mjøndalen. Now the sender is working for a meeting with her idol.
- This is my relaxation from everyday life, says Laila Steen Johnsen (38). For the occasion, she has covered the living room floor with CD`s, movies, perfumes and clothing. Absolutely everything is related to the Canadian artist who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. A singer who so far in her career has a record sales of over 200 million.
- It is somehow more acceptable to be a football/soccer supporter. Many do not understand why I`m so hung up on Céline Dion. Just listen to her songs, and find out how much you recognize yourself in everyday life, says Steen Johnsen.
The mother of three from Mjøndalen are very happy about her life as a Céline Dion fan. But there are two things missing to make the fan situation complete: A personal meeting and an autograph.
No one can accuse her of staying on the lazy side. She has been in contact with NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Association) giving lots of arguments for why Céline Dion should be invited as a guest to "Skavlan” (Norway/Swedens biggest talk-show). Steen Johnsen has also been to Las Vegas three times and seen four concerts with the artist.
Before a concert in 2007, she made a necklace with the inscription "C + R", surrounded by a heart. “C” stands for Céline, “R” represents René Angelil, the artist's husband.
The goal was to present the gift in person, which almost became a reality when Céline Dion passed the public in The Colosseum. Laila Steen Johnsen was stand-by her seat on the second row, when the necklace fell out of her hand.
- When she passed I was lying on all fours on the floor looking desperate, she says. She did, however, give the jewel to a security guard who promised to pass it on to the star.
This summer (July 30th) the dedicated fan from Mjøndalen was the only one waiting where the star runs into the garage at the Colosseum, where Dion keeps his concerts.
In her hand she had a letter in which she told about herself, about the terror in Norway July 22nd and a question whether Dion would like to contribute to a memorial concert.
Steen Johnsen got in talk with some security guards who told her not to expect the car to stop. It did not.
-If Celine had seen me, her driver would have stopped. We fans know her. But she didn`t see me, unfortunately, cause the whole back-seat was covered with dark curtains, she says.
Last year, Céline Dion had twins. Mjøndalen`s biggest fan sent down some bodysuits and socks as a gift for the toddlers. After all the tireless effort she has not yet received a personal reply.
“Celine appreciate your kindness and would like you to know the best gift she could receive is your love and support”, says one of the letters she received from celinedion.com.
The response from other fans around the world is bigger. Through the internet Laila Steen Johnsen have gotten lots of friends who share the enthusiasm for the same artist. Each week, she communicates with Genni from Australia, Carolyn, Aline and Linda from the U.S, Sara from England and Jo-Inge from Jessheim. When Genni from Australia had a personal meeting last summer, she made sure to present Laila's letter to Céline. Celine said she would read the letter in the car on her way home after the concert.
I'm still waiting for a response to the letter. But the unity we have as Celine fans is just amazing. We`re not only talking about Céline, but about everything between heaven and earth, she says.
And this network can realize the dream of a personal meeting with the star.
It` s not impossible. We all know how much we all want to meet her. Our network is large and we keep on working.
- Why have you become such a big fan?
- Her voice, the lyrics, her personality. She shares so much with us and she is an incredible role model, a kind of distance mentor.

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Céline forever <3

Ooooooo my collection is big! Thanks to a friends gift of an Amazon gift card!
Probably not going to Canada.....
So excited for Sans Attendre. So pre-ordering.

"So this is who I am, and this is all I know. And I must choose to live for all that I can give, the spark that makes the power grow."

Do I have to live in Canada, USA or Europe to participate?? Because I live in Brazil and I'd love to get a pair of tickets!

Maga *

Eu quero, só que não tenho como ir a Montreal Sad

I want, but I'm not like going to Montreal. Sad