What Are You Wearing This Summer?

2014/07/17 2:00AM Canada (English)

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@Rebecca90, hope you can make a trip soon. Of course, one cannot forget about Charlemagne. Smile

@rsceline: I hope so! I don't know when, but as soon as I have finished my studies and know where I will work afterwards, I will start making plans again Smile Next time I go, I'd like to see a bit more of the U.S. than last time (I only went to L.A. after Céline's show), but this will take much more time than just two weeks or so... Wink Maybe I'll combine it with a trip to Canada - I'd love to visit this country as well, and I'd like to see Charlemagne, of course Wink

@Leah and @Rebecca90, haha you guys are cracking me up! That is so hilarious...glad to know that I will not be the only one doing that. I will bring an extra suitcase!! heehee! I have not yet been to Vegas but my day is coming!! I don't know when but one day, I am determined to get there! So excited for you @Leah that you are going in January! That will be here before you know it! Are you going again soon @Rebecca90?

@Leah: hahaha, me too! I went first on the day before the show and I spent almost 200$ and then I came back before the show and bought another t-shirt, more post-cards,...haha, I could have spent the rest of my life in this store Laughing out loud

Haha @ rsceline you should Wink and if you haven't been there yet, the Celine store is the best store in the world... Not kidding!!
When are you planning on going to Vegas next Laughing out loud I'm going again this coming January on the 23rd Laughing out loud

Hahahaha!!! @Leah. That would probably be me! You and @Rebecca90 are smart and when I get there I'm following in your footsteps for sure!! Smile

When I went to Vegas in 2013 (my 1st time) I walked into the Celine Store, with a little over 200 dollars before the show and walked out with I think about 20 dollars left then after the show I went in again and came out with 0 dollars Wink hahaha Laughing out loud

@rsceline: That's what I did too when I was there two years ago! Laughing out loud

Bummer @Rebecca90. It's a cute shirt. I hear you on shipping cost...it kept me from purchasing one of the dvd's. Kinda stinks. When I make it to Vegas then maybe I will buy up a ton of stuff! Haha!

They don't have my size for the Sans Attendre t-shirt Sad And I guess there's no use in starting to talk about the shipping costs again...