Watch Celine On QVC

2013/10/31 5:00PM Canada (English)

US fans! Tune in to QVC tomorrow, Friday, November 1st at 7PM (ET) to see Celine’s once-in-a-lifetime New York City show. Watch Celine perform songs from her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ as well as some of your favorites.

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I watched online and sold more than 10,000 copies of the new album in thirty minutes.

Well, I've just checked out some of the videos of this gig uploaded on youtube. The gig looked bloody f**ckin' amazing. It's the sort of gig I've always wanted Céline to do! Musically, it's stripped down to the essential instruments-not over produced; it's unpolished, raw, gusty, informal and relaxed, unlike most Céline shows and above all, small and intimate.

I'm assuming people in the audience were standing?? If so, brill!! Céline needs to have standing tickets available for future gigs. Not everyone wants to sit. Céline does have young fans too, you know!!! Having seats for everyone is sooo boring. With standing you can dance, jump up and down and thoroughly enjoy. Especially with LMBTL having more up tempo songs, standing in arena, and small shows like this is essential. It'll give the shows so much more energy!! It's the way forward.

It would be great if Céline could play a gig like this at the Bixton Academy or 02 Academy, Shepherds Bush, London, UK whilst visiting here. They are small, renowned, iconic music venues in London (hint, hint Team Céline, look into it).

Sans Attendre Tour, Paris, France-25, 26, 29, 30 November and 01 December 2013; Une Seule Fois, Québec, Québec, Canada-27 July 2013; Taking Chances World Tour, Paris, France-21, 24 May 2008; Taking Chances World Tour, UK-03, 08 and 10 May 2008; A New Day.

Celine's New York City show will air tonight at 7pm (ET) on QVC as listed under today's programming on their website Smile


I have never ever seen an artist work as hard as Celine...she's everywhere...I can't keep up with all her appearances & magazine articles...I'm trying!!!! She is the most dedicated and commited artist that has lived in MY life time...she surpasses them all, she is remarkable and that is why her fans are so loyal to her...I don't buy anyone elses CD's... only Celine's...I will always be a dedicated and commited fan of hers...of the TV appearances I've seen in the past weeks, even the hosts get excited when they annouce her name and she walks out!!!! she's a rare gem, the world is a better place with her in it...I love her, she has brought so much happiness into my life, more thans words can say...

My TV says the same thing. I guess I will record that and hope its Celine??

I checked my tv and on the QVC channel it says "Bose Sound Innovations"
And then for the Info it says "Music, Shopping. Audio tecknology. Series"
Is that right??????
Thank you Smile