Watch Celine On ‘Wetten, dass..?’ Tomorrow

2013/11/08 4:00AM Canada (English)

Watch Celine perform “Loved Me Back To Life”, first single from her new album, on German television show “Wetten, dass..?” tomorrow night at 8:45pm on ZDF-Sendung.

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Celine's performance was great. She is so nonchalant and open-minded.

just watched her appearance - she was great!
lmbtl was just playback, but she was very lovely and funny when she did her "Jodel"-appearance Smile

you can watch her performance here:

Can someone please please please post a video of Celine on the "wetten dass?" Once its over tomorrow!!!! Please I really want to see it Smile I don't live in Germany so I'm not able to catch it on tv Sad
Thank you Smile!!!!!

Yeah, Celine is here in Germany!
That's so great. In Germany we would say: "Voll krass".

I'm very looking forward to her performance in the show "Wetten, dass ...", She'll be the star of the evening. It's a pity that she does not give concerts in Germany. I'm sure that the German concert halls and stadiums would be sold out within a day!

Her new album "Loved me back to life" is absolutely fantastic. The songs are beautiful, I can't stop listening to them.

The "Wetten, dass ..." audience will be beside themselves with joy.

best wishes from Germany

I bought Celine’s brand new studio album “Loved Me Back To Life” yesterday. Incredible songs, incredible voice. My favorite songs are:
1. Water And A Flame
2. Thankful
3. Overjoyed
Best regards from Poland