Watch The “Qui peut vivre sans amour?” Video

2013/04/19 12:05AM Canada (English)

Check-out the video for “Qui peut vivre sans amour?”, the third single from Celine’s ’Sans attendre’ album. Celine brings this dramatic song to life with the help of two fantastic dancers. We simply love this video! What do you think?

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This if a FABULOUS video! I love love love CELINE, wish I could meet and sing with her one day it would be my DREAM! She is my number one IDOL! I love her, songs and videos like this helped me be and establish the artist I am! I love this video and how y'all and hopefully Celine can see my music video clip, share, like and view new Canadian talent! LOVE MM

This music video is simply a true masterpiece!
I love especially that scene when Celine lights and then puts out a match in the darkness. Thank you so much!!! xxx

I just have one little question. Why the CD singles have not been released yet?! I want "Parler a mon pere", "Le miracle" and "Qui peut vivre sans amour" released separately, each with the different cover, as you did with every single in the past.

It's a good video, just good.

My favourite videos are the following:

It's all coming back to me now
A new day has come
I want you to need me
I'm alive
That's the way it is
If walls could talk
I'm your angel
Then you look at me
Goodbye's the saddest Word

Epic!!! I Drove All Night has been my favorite video for the past 10 years but this just one just passed it. Amazing! Smile
Sans Attendre is the best *.*.*

hello beautiful celine, for when we will have a Spanish album, do not forget us Latinos,Greetings from Costa Rica

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hi from costa rica, central america

WooooW *_______* !!!! J'apprécie cette Chanson TANT !!!!!! Notre Céline, qui a l'air comme une déesse de la musique et de la beauté, la chante incroyablement magnifique ♥ Sa voix est la meilleure que je jamais entendue, et elle est la meilleure chanteuse du monde ♥ Depuis longtemps , Céline est ma seule et plus grande Idole, et je suis si sûr qu'elle sera mon Idole pour toute l'éternité. Elle est une personne Incroyable et exceptionnelle...elle a un Grand Coeur d'or Je lui souhaite ainsi qu'à sa famille le mieux ...J'aime Céline beaucoup que les mots ne peuvent décrire ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I really hope that she records this in English!!! It would be so amazing!!!!!!!! Smile PLEASE CELINE RECORD THIS IN ENGLISH AND PUT IT ON THE ENGLISH ALBUM!!!!!!!! <3 So amazing and so sexxxy!!!!!!!

-Shelby Ruth♥

Celine is soooo cool and powerful!!
I love this video so much!

Fantastic video , Celine is amazing as always. The dancers are extremely talented!! Look forward to more awsome videos.

This is an absolutely fantastic video!!! Celine you are truly amazing!!


I love is so amazing Smile
of courser is my Céline Dion Smile

There's only one person that looks that good while there's wind blowing on her face! Love the video, it's cool!!

"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith." (Muslim)

BRAVO!!! What an excellent music video!!!

I love it!!! Great video!!!!

My world is a better place because of you!

Amaaaaaaaazing!!! Celine is beautiful as always.
Congratulations Celine and all her team! I love you so much!


Great video!! I love it and I love you Celine<3<3 So beautiful and amazing voice!!

Celine like always lovely! I love this song.
It's one of my top songs and this video is great!!!

Hugs from Poland,

"Your loved me back to life from the coma, the wait it's over..."

This video is absolutely fantastic
I love this song and this video

Wonderful video, Celine is beautiful, perfect, youthful, energetic, fantastic, I loved it, it's amazing. <3 <3 <3 Wink I loveee you Celine...

I loved it! Love the outfits totally! / Celine no olvides a tus fans latinos... #Latinfan#1

Celine4ever!! AleSanz

Wonderful Celine and amazing video, what can I say? Celine Dion is the best!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

That's very strong! a true battle, yes! I love it!

STUNNING! Absolutely stunning!

I love the opening with the matches! Love the black outfit then the white! Love the close ups! Ok I guess I like the video! Powerful Smile

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Beautiful Céline and the video!<3 We Will love Céline 4ever! Laughing out loud

This is absolutely beautiful! I'm soooooooooooo happy with this video! Smile

I absolutely love it!!!! Stunning as always!!!!!

Stunning Celine!! One of the most impressive music videos of your career!

This music video is an artistic masterpiece which surpasses every expectation.
Bravo Celine!

Video gave the song a new dimension. I love you Celine. Sending kiss to you and your family from Slovakia.

Perfect! Celine you did it again! She looks spectacular and amazing dancers, dancers should be added in the Vegas show them much Shocking Truth.

Kiss from Venezuela

XOXO From Venezuela!

Amazing! I love it! This song is so powerful and the video is perfect. Celine je t'aime !

I love it!!!
It's so amazing!!!

Céline, Colombia loves you!!! ♥

Andres Diaz Amado

I JUST LOVED ! the best video from this album !!!!

Tiago Fragoso