A Trip to The Studio At The Palms

2013/05/02 3:00AM Canada (English)

Do you know where Celine has recorded a few songs for her upcoming English album? Part of the magic is being created at the Studio at the Palms, hidden in the heart of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s one of the world’s only two studios built inside a hotel. This isn’t her first time at this studio; Celine recorded songs for her 2007 releases, 'Taking Chances' and 'D’elles' there. What’s Celine like when she’s recording? Studio Director Zoe Thrall has the answer: “Celine is the best, there’s no doubt. No one comes close. Celine and her team are always ready when they get to the studio. I’ve never seen anyone work this hard. Sometimes she’s come to the studio, ready to work, right after she performing a show. How she does it I don’t know, but it just show how incredible she is.”

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Celine u are most certainly the best I don't know any other star who would have what it takes to come to the recording studio right after a performance and start recording new songs! That shows how much u truly love what your doing how much you care! The Taking Chances album is my 2nd favorite album and the D'elles album is my 3rd favorite french album and I can't wait to hear more from your new English album Water and a Flame!!!! This summer on June 19 I'm going to Las Vegas to see Celine perform and while I'm there maybe I'll convince my parents to take me to the Palms Hotel and if possible walk around in the studio where Celine recorded those 3 albums:) lol
Je t'Aime pour toujour Celine
I love you for always Celine:)!!!!!

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

This new album will be amazing!

I love you Celine <3

There is no doubt that Céline is the best and always will be!!! Smile
We love you Céline!! <3

Of course she is the very best!!! She probably prefers to record after the show as she is completely warmed up and revved up to record!! She is totally amazing!! I love you Celine!!! Smile


Of course, she's the best! I'm sure she has lots of people to take care of her voice, so we shouldn't worry if she use her vocal "instrument" too much... but Celine, take a breath sometimes! Wink Love you!

"Sometimes she’s come to the studio, ready to work, right after she performing a show."


I would rather want her to do like she used to in the 90's: Few days of complete silence (no talking) before going in studio to record songs.

I had no doubt too.
Lots of love!!!

Of couse Celine is the best, I had no doubt!
Can't wait for Water and a Flame!!!!! <3<3<3

Can't wait for October!!!
Most awaited album since last year!!