Treat Yourself To A Fabulous Magnet Collection

2013/04/11 3:00AM Canada (English)

Keep all your notes organized with our fabulous magnet collection. You’ll love the beautiful photos of Celine on the Summer Hat Magnet, the Red Aura Magnet and the Seductive Profile Magnet. Bring home the magic of Vegas with the Ivory Dress Magnet and the My Heart Will Go On Magnet. Attract good fortune with the Lucky Five Magnet. Check-out these and many other accessories at The Boutique!

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Inné margaí malairte eachtraí euro bhuail uasteorainn stairiúil 60. Nach bhfuil an trádáil maidin ar an Stoc Exchange Moscó a oscailt an cúrsa tar éis fás, ach tá an margadh ceartúcháin airgeadra tairiscint agus rátaí a iarraidh ar leibhéal os cionn.
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An AWESOME idea ♥

Pour vous Céline

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Love those magnets!!! Smile