Touching Video for René and Celine

2014/08/26 3:00AM Canada (English)

Thank you to Ashley Berner from the United States and all the wonderful fans from around the world for creating this beautiful video honouring René, Celine’s husband/manager. It is a very touching way to show your love and support. Celine and René’s fans are the best!

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For Celine & René... Pour vous, Céline & René... ♥ Another Beautiful Tribute and Support from fans

Here is another touching beautiful video from fans <3

Pour vous, Céline & René... ♥

Lucy Arnone Celine's life was forever changed at the age of 12 when she met Rene...she wears her heart on her sleeve(it's in many of her songs)"The power of love", 'Because you loved me"."The color of my love", "Thank You".,"My love", "Have you ever been in love", "Love can move mountains"...just to name a's all there, all you have to do is's universal...she's had many blessings in her life but I have to say her husband Rene was one of the biggest ones...he's a real "gentleman" a rare term you don't hear very often in today's world!!! I hope he has a full recovery...Celine & their children need him...We, the fans( their extended family) need him too... I think of them & pray for them everyday!!
I also want to say it was an honor & a privledge to meet & speak to Rene on my first trip to Vegas in 2011, I didn't spot him when I returned in 2012 but again in Aug 2013, I spoke to him briefly & when Celine returns to the stage whenever that may be I will return to see her & I hope & pray I see Rene there again.too!!
I had already made plans to see Celine this past August, I didn't want to go but I had already paid for the trip so I tried to make the best of it because this last trip I wasn't alone like I usually am but there was a huge void without Celine there... she was on my mind during the whole time I was there... I missed seeing her so plans will remain "indefinitely"about my returning to Vegas until I hear news of Celine's plans in her future...Without Celine, there is no Vegas for me until she announces to the world what her plans will be...I have all her CD's to get me through this difficult time...I love Celine & Rene

we made this video with a lot of love...
Celine and Rene, we love you so much
kisses from Benin

"Parler à mon père"

I have no words to say what i felt while watching this video. I thought that only i had this ideia about René: the importante role he has in Celines life. But now i know that you guys have exactly the same ideia of him as i have. He is the center of her life. He did everything to make her grow as a singer and as a woman.

This video is wonderfull. Thank you all the fans that participated on it and thank you Ashley Berner.
When I finished watching this video I wanted to read these comments and i simply couldnt see because my eyes were filled with tears.
I am sure that Celine and René will be very touched by this video. They already knew they could count on us but now they will be certain of that.

We love you, we miss you, we wish you a speedy recovery.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

Cool video Ashley! Nice work! Bummed I couldn't take part but good job for doing it!!

Dear Celine and René

Big thanks to for the great music, inspiration, love, faith.
We love you, we miss you, we wish you a speedy recovery
Think of you.
From love. <3

Dion's family team

PS . Very beautiful and touching video


Belle vidéo en effet.

Je ne crois pas avoir vu des fans de France, alors en tant que fan de France, je me joins à cette vidéo avec ces quelques mots pour te dire Céline que l'on t'aime tout comme René : à bientôt. Bise de France où l'on n'a pas oublié (en tout cas pour ma part) les spectacles de la fin de l'année dernière. Reviens quand tu veux... Je t'aime. Mickaël du 58.

« Pour rien au monde je ne voudrais vivre sans idoles et sans rêves. » - Céline DION



Thank you for this wonderful video <3<3<3<3

All the fans think about Céline and René, all around the world !!!

I saw this yesterday and I think it's amazing Laughing out loud and I really hope that Rene and Celine will see this someday it is really touching... I wish I could have been a part of this, I didn't even know about it till i saw it yesterday. But anyway I love it Laughing out loud its one of the best Celine fan videos I've ever seen Smile you did a great job Ashley thank you so much for making this Laughing out loud
I'm still working on my project for Celine and Rene but I need way more time than I thought I would Laughing out loud I can't wait till I get mine done Laughing out loud
I love you forever Celine Laughing out loud

To Rene:Get well soon Sir, we need you, and please fight this battle.
To Celine: take your time Dear, U can put your career on hold, nothing will stop my heart beat for U.

I spend a lot of time sharing onTwitter yours songs videos, inteviews. I mean all about you, this is the way I tell people how much I love you Celine

Mais la vie sans Celine Dion je sais pas...
Je t'aime mon amour!

I Love you, I just Do.

I think Ashley did the most wonderful job. It was a pleasure being involved
In this project. best wishes to Celine and Rene!

Carol A Malloch

Celine, you can stop some shows, but never you will stop our hearts beat for you.

Celine connects the world, you deserves a special human best AWARD.

Ashley, it´s fantastic, it´s a realy great job! Thank´s for everybody


So glad this video is finding it's way around the net! René, has been and will always be Céline's other half. The love they share is nothing but inspirational and it was exactly that love that made me the fan I am today. It may have started with Céline's voice and music, but it became so much more than that! In 1999, when Céline was on tour without René, when he was fighting cancer for the first time, that love poured in to my heart when I saw Céline live for the very first time and René waved to the audience from a live satellite feed from Florida. It never left me again, it was such a special moment. Today I am still here rooting for them and I will be for the rest of my lifetime. I hope one day I will be so lucky to find the love that they share.

The Netherlands

Visit Céline's fanclub in The Netherlands -

This is one of the best videos I ever watched.. It shows how fans of Celine Dion have appreciate Rene's role in Celine's life, not just as a man who managed her career, but as a man who is taking care of her heart all this time Smile
To Rene: we, as fans of Celine Dion, may not be able to see you to tell you how thankful we are, and how we wish you'll be okay, but our prayer is with you all the time Smile Get well soon Sir Smile
To the people who made this video: thank you for this, I may not be part of the video but I am still proud as a fan. I know Celine is proud to have us as her fans, but I know, she is more proud now, because she knows, no matter what, we are still here for her. Thank you Smile A big hug from me Smile
To Celine : take your time Dear, we are just here for you and Rene. Everything will be okay, and you'll be back soon because it is meant to be. See you soon on stage Queen Celine Smile

#A fan of real artist is a fan of Celine Dion

Wow, this is AMAZING! Laughing out loud I heard that some fans are making this video, but I found out too late to participate Sad The video is a great way to show how many loving and caring fans Céline has around the globe and it also shows how much Céline is able to connect people around the world. Thank you to René for making this possible and for believing in Céline. We love you and your family so much <3

Thank you so much for recognizing our video! This was very much a group effort. <3
-- Ashley Berner

Yes.....Celine fans are the best. So happy we made it ALL THE WAY, and Team Celine ROCKS!!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ashley for putting it all together and to all the amazing fans who participated.....but also all fans around the are ALL AMAZING. This shows the love we all have for each other as fans, and of course the love we have for Celine and Rene <3

Céline forever <3

Can't believe our fan video ACTUAL made it to the official site!
I can't even start to describe how much I genuinely care about Celine and Rene. They are everything to me, I couldn't bear anything happening to them.

My best friend is visiting Canada next month and she will post my letter within Canada.

I hope it reaches you. The content is very personal as always so I won't share it. It's for your eyes only and any team member who has the job of looking though your mail

Please keep your eyes out of a letter with a return address to Australia!

I love you

Genevieve Buckingham Sydney Australia


Dear celine & rené along this road, I would like to express my support and love sharing.We pray that rené recovery as soon as possible ... or course understand every fan that celine now want to be with her family.
I had nothing else expected of her as a woman with a big heart, a heart is in the right place!!!
you take all the time you need.
and we will be welcomed with open arms again much much love from Belgium (Antwerp)

"city antw"