Tickets And A Meet and Greet With Celine Up For Auction

2014/03/19 2:00AM Canada (English)

In celebration of World Water Day and the One Night for ONE DROP show in Las Vegas, the non-profit organization ONE DROP is holding an online auction. The charity strives to ensure that water is accessible to all. Among the items up for auction are 4 Front Orchestra tickets to Celine’s Las Vegas show and a meet and greet with Celine. You have until Friday to place your bids.

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My niece suffers from CYSTIC FIBROSIS...she is 26 years old and she just received a DOUBLE LUNG/ HEART/ KIDNEY transplant at Standford in January~ She has spent over 140 days struggling for her life...She is finally progressing and is now able to have visitors! Her dream since a very very young girl has always been to meet Celine Dion. We took her to Vegas for her 16 birthday to see Celine in Concert...When she turned 26 last June 24, my mom took her to see Celine in Concert, again at Las Vegas. I TRULY BELIEVE ASHLEY ANN DESERVES TO MEET MISS CELINE DION <3 Please help her dream come true...Thank you~ Lori Arrington @

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Lori Arrington

Gosh...if only I had enough money Sad

Omg omg if I had a credit card id max it out, but I don't lol good luck peeps it's upto 4k already!

Belle32 UK fan for over 20yrs <3

Oh my gosh I want to win this so badly it is my biggest dream ever!!!!! Laughing out loud I will defiantly give it a try!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud

My Dream has come true. I am meeting Celine!
Great way to spend my 50th Birthday.
Maybe I can get Rene to play Craps with me. Lol
Get well soon Rene. You are all in my prayers.

MY Big Dream is met Céline Dion...

but i cant in this moment, i have no money Smile
Ooh Sad

good luck to who go met she Smile


im here, and, I LOVE Celine Dion Smile