Three JUNO Award Nominations for Celine!

2013/02/20 3:00AM Canada (English)

The 2013 JUNO Award Nominations have been announced and Celine is nominated in three categories this year! Celine’s latest album ‘Sans attendre’ continues on the road to success to compete in the Album of the Year and Adult Contemporary Album of the Year categories. That’s not all! Celine is also nominated for the Fan Choice Award! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and countdown to April 21 to find out the results!

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Congratulations on the nominations Smile Why isn't Sans Attendre nominated in the Best Francophone category? Can someone explain? It seems stacked against her! It's a shame because this is a brilliant album!!!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Good luck Celine, all the fans want much do you earn the awards.

I love Sans Attendre <3 I love you Celine Wink

This new album is absolutely amazing. She keeps getting better and better. Congrats Celine!

Fabs Smile

@Toni B -- you noticed it too....hayst...i don't know what's happening with them...

but other than that Congrats to Celine...hope this would add in to your achievements...

Hi Celine,

I don't know if you can see my information.
I have a dream yesterday night ,it happened around 1998 or 1999; the vision is you have a world journey by bike, and just right do through our small village when gloaming. I consider you would stay our village that nogit,but you said you must go because the schedule is very tighten,in this dream, maybe we have know each other well, so I invite you have a dinner because i promise it before .at that time, maybe you are 30years old. we talked something alone the small road and it take about 2hrs,I took a pencial and a notebook and want to you sign yours name.but i didn't take it out for sign your name. it time to night,all light is open,my grandmother was waiting me,my mother and may father were not in home because they had business in other town.
you ask if I can use the pen,i said "yes",i say also i can use Chinese brush because we learn it when primary school. you were very suprised. on the small rord ,just we took a walk like a know-well friends, no more other peron.
taked a good friend when long leave. a little distressed,

Last, I promise i will flight to see said yes,then on your way ......

This is a dream I had yesterday, then google your name to find this internet...then write down these information.i dno't know it you can see it.

David Shen(

Can someone from SONY or the Juno nominating committee explain why SANS ATTENDRE is not nominated in the Best Francophone category?? It seems totally ridiculous to exclude it from the French language category but nominate it for the other two.

Congratulations!!! Very well deserved! You are certainly my "Fan Choice!!" Smile

Wow! Congratulations on your nominations are amazing Smile


Celine is the best and she deserves to win this!! Smile
Lots of love