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2013/09/19 3:00AM Canada (English)

Take advantage of this great deal and grab the lovely Navy Celine Profile T-shirt at a 40% discount. Pre-order Celine’s new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ and take an extra 15% off your purchase! This offer won’t last long, visit The Boutique today!

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@ celine_lover
what show was it????? Smile

There has never been an explanation as to why the Celine logo hasn't been used on the albums since A new day has come, though it's still used on some merchandise, TV shows, Team Celine logo, and so on... This logo really was Celine's trademark, instantly recognizable. And people loved it. Proof is how often it still appear in fan-made artwork.

I just watched Celine on Larry King Now and i loved it especially the end where he kisses her hand and says i kissed your ring so she takes it of and he kisses her again and goes gosh she's the pope and then Celine starts laughing!!!!! Laughing out loud I love celine's laugh
honostly i think that all these reasent interviews since Jimmy Kimmel have been her best ones not that i dont like all her other ones i absalutely adore them all i just think that these reasent ones are just down right amazing! i love you so much Celine you are the best and watching you do interviews is absaltely one of my most favorite things to do! your conversations are the best i soak in eveything that you say and it touches me your funny your inspirational your emeotional you talk about your family and how much you love them you talk about your life as a child all the way up to now your just amazing and i cant thank you enough for remaining the the same person you have been your whole life your heart will go on Celine there is no dout about that! and you have made my heart go on as well as so many others! i am a very proud 15 year old to have you Celine as my idol and i hope to tell you this in person someday. you've made me feel like a young mature adult and i still have a little over 2 years to go! thank you for changing my life Celine i love you so much!!!!! Laughing out loud

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Did you ever realize Celine is a living proof that you don't need to have blue eyes to be attractive?

2 months and 11 days untill Celine live in Bercy November 30th!!
Can't waaaaaait!!!!! <3

@ Germanda:
i like your picture Smile!!!!!