See Celine In New York

2013/10/11 11:33AM Canada (English)

US fans! Check out this amazing contest brought to you by Pandora. Win a chance to see Celine perform songs from her new album "Loved Me Back to Life" in an intimate NYC club experience. Five grand prize winners will win tickets and a trip for two to NYC. Find out how here:

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Since it's impossible to me to get there, I hope there will be official video for these performances or even TV broadcast.

I think Celine don't like Brazil! Sad

I wanna go!!! PleAse!!! I want to see the queen!!!! Smile

I personally don't blame the contest for being restricted to US fans, I just wish they had precised "Big announcement for US fans". This picture announcing the announcement was meant to create an anticipation, but it misled the fans. It was obvious that the news of a big announcement coming would go viral among the fans all around the world in no time. Celine's team / Sony simply should have written "for US fans only" right from the start. That's all.

After reading through many of your comments I am a little surprised and disappointed by so much negative reaction to Celine`s announcement! Common logic tells me that the NY performance was possibly a last minute engagement planned to help promote her new album and in order to keep within the legal boundaries and policies of having such a contest they were forced to fall under those rules, not by Celine or Rene`s choice, but by the Pandora contest promoters for such a late hour drawing. It's possible that her international fan's reactions were considered before making the announcement however there wasn't time to change plans after it was determined that only U.S. residents could enter the contest. Remember too that Celine doesn´t usually get involved in all the planning much and probably learned herself at the last hour...her apprehensiveness at her international fan's reactions was probably what caused the extra day. My guess and I could be that we also have to remember this is an English album being released in the you think that similar contests in France were offered to France residents only when her French albums were released? Most international contest of such proportions would be a promoter's logistical nightmare and don't forget it would also lessen the chances of every contestant if it were a worldwide contest! Do you even have a clue at the number of Celine fans worldwide? So I give them the benefit of the doubt...knowing enough about Celine as a person we all love for not only her absolutely amazing voice but for her human qualities as a mother and her firm grasp for owning up to her open book lifestyle...this decision was not hers and she probably feels bad as well. Can we just try to understand that sometimes these things happen and that our true love for Celine prevails in our anticipation of "LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE" by our favorite mother, wife, daughter, sister, and singer! You go Celine...I know you do your best to please your fans and I love you for such dedication... besides your family, both immediate and extended, you are sooooo dedicated to your fans and in the face of any controversy over making hard choices for your fans, I know and trust that you make those choices the best you can! So listen fans....this is CELINE DION we are talking about...she doesn't deserve your negative comments...just try to understand!

Cheryl Silverstein

I live all the way in Australia and I come to her show in vegas twice already and thats experience enough it would be nice for fans from all over the world to have the chance to meeet there idol not just the Americans and french and canadians I will always be a huge fan I mean im naming my daughter after celine so I hope that one day soon we as a whole world get the chance to meet celine Ino my day will come uunfortunately not today but I still love u celine

I'm completely disappointed by the fact that many fans from all over the world were waiting for a BIG announcement. We fans thought that the official music video for Loved me Back to Life would be released or a world tour would be announced. However, once again we were deceived, and I consider such a disrespect to all Celine fans. Although I'm happy for Celine's US fans, I strongly believe that Celine's fans from different countries and continents should not be forgotten.

Omg that's amazing I'm from Ohio (real close to NYC) I will enter and pray to God that I win Smile (though it is kind of unfair for those who don't live in the USA) I hope that someday Celine will do something like this again for fans all over the world to see Smile
When is this concert anyway????? And when and how will we know who won????? Laughing out loud

what about people who lives in New York City already and who are under age? i want to see Celine really badly...


- I've been a fan for about 3 1/2 maybe 4 years since i was 11/12 maybe 12
ever since i've been a devoted fan

I'm happy for the american friends but disapointed for all the others in the whole world, who have wainted for days in vain...

I still hope that there will be something really BIG and SPECIAL for everybody, in a fair and reasonable way...

I wish luck to all the american fans!!!! Smile

I guess there's no tickets to be sold for this event? I live in NYC and would love to see Celine perform.


i agree 100% with everything Luis wrote. So much hype during 3 days for... nothing. I hope we get at least a DVD from this.

a canadian


Elle <3

So much for a big announcement...

I entered......along with the hundreds of thousands also! (hehe)

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

If only mine would be the golden ticket that gets picked! Smile
Good luck to all!!!! Smile <3

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Although I am thankful that you take the time to create such wonderful opportunities for the fans to get the chance to attend a fabulous event like this, the picture presented the other day that stated BIG Announcement Coming October 11 was misleading to worldwide fans who were expecting to be treated with the same fantastic news that US fans have received. I have many amazing friends in the United States, to whom I wish the best of luck and they can attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I feel that for future announcements, it would be better to say first who will be able to participate. I know that having announced BIG Announcement Coming October 11 for US Fans would also have let down a lot of her fans, but the pill would have been easier to swallow. Sure, this disappointment on many fans will eventually fade away, but I feel for those who stayed hours on different forums, websites, or social media platforms waiting anxiously for their favorite singer's announcement even at late night hours. In the meantime, we will be waiting for this new album, hoping we have news soon!

I am So ready To Win!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Love Light Peace to all Celiniac's in the world! ^j^

Really frustrated and upset. YET ANOTHER competition for only American fans. Why is it that it's either American, Canadian or French fans who get the competitions? Does management realise he's an international icon. This is simply not fair. Really disappointed with this stupid **BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*

I'm sorry but though I'm really happy for the US fans I still feel so let down by this announcement. When it was first mentioned there would be a huge announcement on Thursday and then postponed to Friday I thought it was something for all of Celine fans. I wish it had been states from the beginning that only US fans benefit from. I was so excited for the huge announcement and was so sad. I would give anything for a chance like this and would even pay for my own flights. I just find it so unfair. I wish something special for all fans could be done with regards to the new album as we are all excited about loved me back to life.