Response to Comments from Daniel Merriweather

2013/07/02 2:44PM Canada (English)

Daniel Merriweather’s comments originated from Celine's one appearance on Katie Couric a few months ago when she played a portion of "Water And A Flame" during an in-studio interview. Before playing the song, Katie asks Celine about her "new favorite artist", Adele, and Celine tells Katie how much she loves Adele. Celine continues by talking about "Water And A Flame"....about how much she loves it....and how it's a bit different from what she's used to singing. She doesn't mention anything about who wrote the song. Despite the headlines that have emerged from Daniel's publicity, Celine certainly doesn't claim in any way whatsoever that she wrote the song. While we can understand Daniel's disappointment by not having his name mentioned during Katie Couric’s interview, it's rather unfair to Celine to be on the receiving end of the many disparaging comments that have now become public.

Throughout Celine’s 32 year career she has always been very vocal about sharing the credit for her successes. She has been very vocal about the fact that she does not write her own songs...and that she is fortunate to have wonderful and talented writers to provide these gifts to her. For her to be accused of "stealing" a song is not only grossly inaccurate, but also very hurtful. During the thousands of interviews that she's given over the years, it's often that she will not mention the names of the writers involved. It's something that may not come up a lot in the interviews. That said, when a Celine Dion album is released, we always include complete and accurate writer credits in an updated bio, and of course, inside the CD packaging. Celine's new English album will be released worldwide this Fall. We are very excited about this new album, and we hope to have great success with it....and great success for all those who have contributed.

She loves Daniel Merriweather and Eg White’s song so much, and would never want to do any harm to them....nor take away anything from fact, the opposite would be true.

We hope this clears up any misconceptions regarding Celine's intentions.

Celine Dion’s Management

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statement about all this, I"m just overwhelm with the responses , PLS MAKE A STATEMENT VERY SOON,

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Your woman discusses the particular track as though it's her song in spite of being given many possibilities to describe it is actually not necessarily where the actual song originated. In reality she is right asked in which the song originated from and also does not provide virtually any hitting the ground with in which that originated from although she's because of the opportunity to concur that she's a major supporter associated with Adele's. The sense I needed from your appointment had been undoubtedly that the tune had been her very own structure which the gruff design as well as lyric symbolized a brand new route for her.

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Despite the headlines that have emerged from Daniel's publicity, Celine certainly doesn't claim in any way whatsoever that she wrote the song. What is Diettogo?

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To all those who glorify Celine as a wonderful person, you should view the videos on YouTube where she is continually throwing up satanic hand signals. She is with the Illuminati and is a devil worshiper.

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Daniel weathermen is also quiet good. One thing i love about every artist that everyone have his/her unique identity no matters whatever comes to them or after them. There identity can't be stolen in any way.



This guy who calls himself an "artist" continues to take jabs at this controversy on his Facebook page. He posted three different comments first saying that he is so busy, he doesn't have time to discuss a certain Canadian singer all the his words, "i have much smaller and more important fish to fry!" Then he posts, "keep doing what u love to do, even if it means you live with less, its worth it in the long run... Art s***s on money and doesn't even flush!" And then followed with this post, "...then get really fv©king rich, s*** on some art... Then sell that shat on art as a re-appropriation piece...".

If that isn't being a completely disrespectful jerk towards Céline, then I don't know what it is! I buy every CD Céline makes in both French and English, but this is the first one that has made me say "no". If this song stays on the album, I'll simply go on iTunes and purchase individual songs. He isn't getting one penny from me!

He's still talking (in a negative way) about Celine:

"[Celine Dion] does nothing but the best she can for her fans and business associates".

Do Not Call The Album Water And A Flame , You guys need to listen to us, We've spoken load a clear,

Simple as this: Cut the song off the album, so that guy doesn't get any royalties... then he won't have money to pay his lawyers when Celine sues him for slander...

OK TALK TO ME NOW! TELL ME WHERE THE HECK DO U SEE IN THE INTEVIEW THAT SHE ACTS LIKE THE SONG IS HERS???? u are obviously NOT a true fan of Celine's then if you really do think this about her, that is truly sad, she would never have the heart to do something like that and tell me where she was directly asked where the song came from because I've seen this interview over a million times and all that was said about the album came from the questions that Katie asked Celine which were: who are the duets your doing with that r going to be on the album and Celine told her Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder, then Katie said she heard that Adele was her favorite singer and all Celine said was how much she loves Adele and her voice and the songs Adele writes for herself etc.. and that's it, then all they did was play a little bit of the song and Celine said how much see loves the song and it's a little different then what she's used to singing! please enough with the judging here already. Celine is only a human being like u and me u cant just expect her to think of everything all at once! if Celine were to hear about this I bet u she would walk up to Daniel and tell him how thankful she is (being the person that she is) and that she is sorry EVEN THOUGH SHE DOESNT HAVE TO APOLGIES AT ALL BECAUSE SHE IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT AND DID ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WRONG and that she really loves his song! and that's why I love Celine like I do! so if I were you (hammerwielder) I would lay off the bad comments and the judging (this goes for all the others who did the same thing) and look at the other side of the story first! and here is a suggestion: there is professional song writer that posted a nice long and true comment that I felt was needed badly for this situation so how about you give it look and find out what is professionally and truly expected when it comes to writing songs for artists ok!!!!
thank you!

This "response" is glib and defensive and entirely misses the point. Merriweather was objecting to the way Dion spoke about the song when it was featured front and centre in the launch interview with Couric. If you watch the interview you see that he has a case. She talks about the song as if it's her own song despite being given several opportunities to clarify that it's actually not and where the song came from. In fact she is directly asked where the song came from and neglects any mention of where it came from even though she is given the opportunity to confirm that she's a big fan of Adele's. The impression I had from the interview was definitely that the song was her own composition and that its gruff style and lyric represented a new direction for her. Her treatment of the song in the interview borders on the fraudulent. I think she owes Merriweather a genuine apology, not this glib "response". I think Dion stands to lose a lot here with music fans who are not the shills and acolytes on here if she does not take responsibility and acknowledge that she ought not to have been misleading in the interview.

She talked about people asking her to be there, children, their parents, friends maybe. . .when a child is dying. That's what I remember from that interview, which I saw on YouTube.
Céline gagnait Eurovision a la semaine . . . Adèle née.
Mirrors of societal dysfunction as whatever prop-O-ganda this antagonism is: maybe it's 'real', maybe it isn't.
Someone wrote a song for C on these comments.
That's what this stuff is about: digging deeper to find what is.
I didn't die yet, but like many people have said, her music is about Love, love, life, heart. Je sais sa voix est avec mes pensées la plus sérieuses, avec mon être toujours. C'est comment je connais elle est vraie.
People, whether it be cowardly as in hiding behind deceptive media content or not, seemed to be threatened when people actually care: especially maybe if they are associated with material wealth.
C has stood up and maybe only her bodyguard knows how close she has come to TKO. . . and how many times.
Whomever threw this latest most cowardly maybe sucker punch, may it be to refocus, for everyone touched by it.
Céline is a person. We are people.
It is clear that image makers can be image breakers and maybe that's why a lady also associated with wealth, who discussed her regret that she didn't 'arm carry' the water and other aid she brought herself to Haiti at the time of the earthquake years ago, did this English interview. Finally something more that Oprah was maybe or probably impeded from doing (that made it to broadcast?) : an interview where Céline can develop some of her articulations more fully.
How much harassment and invasion has C suffered, which has been covered over in part because she is female?
What would be going on if the supposed antagonist in this case is a) not white, b) non western, c) non-English speaking as a first language, d) not male?

...dans le maintenant de sa voix, je ne suis pas seule...
And I have a youtube / google profile "Denise Rose Rutan

I've been a singer-songwriter and composer ever since I was a pre-teen (having improved greatly over the years, of course). Over the years, my songs have been recorded by other artists and when they perform my music, I never once thought I was being slighted when my name wasn't mentioned. Here's the thing: when you write songs and compose music, it's to express feelings or thoughts. When others interpret the songs and music you write, that in itself is a reward because a greater audience is then exposed to those feelings or thoughts.

When Celine was in Edmonton in the late 80s (she was performing in town, and the newspaper article talked about how delightful Celine's efforts were to improve her English), I tried to connect with her management team in order to submit a song for her consideration. It didn't happen (that's the nature of the beast). Now, if Celine had considered the song and had recorded it on one of her albums, it wouldn't bother me in the least that she wasn't mentioning my name in interviews or from the stage. As a songwriter and composer, you learn to understand that this is the way business is conducted. And if, perchance, your name does get mentioned, you smile and appreciate the shout out but don't expect your name to be mentioned on a regular basis.

Now, if Celine would like to consider any of my songs for future albums, I would be more than happy to discuss this possibility with her management team ... without imposing expectations that are unreasonable and not par for the course in this industry. The liner notes and royalties are enough for most successful songwriters and composers, with a very few exceptions.

Keep on singing, Celine. Those who know you did nothing wrong feel badly that you're being subjected to inaccurate comments that reflect poorly on you in the eyes of those who don't know any better.

Elyse Bruce

They don't need and don't have to make an official statement again. They responded the first time, in order to clarify what seemed to be a misunderstanding. Now that it's clear that Merriweather has a problem with Celine, there's nothing more they can do to argue. They'll do what they think is best for the album.

When are you guys going to make a statement about all this, I"m just overwhelm with the responses , PLS MAKE A STATEMENT VERY SOON, like next week when celine is off from Las Vegas .
We don't need this sh*t on this album,

I can notice that most of Celine’s fans who posted comments at want Daniel Merriweather off her forthcoming English-language album. I am afraid that Celine Dion’s Management will ignore our comments and put the song “Water and a Flame” on the album. The same situation was with the cover of “Sans Attendre” album. Fans wanted a photo of Celine Dion on the cover of her French-language album but Celine Dion’s Management took a childish drawing. Now fans want Daniel Merriweather off her album and Celine Dion’s Management will put the song “Water and a Flame” on the album. I am sure of that. Why? Dave Platel, who works at Dion's management company, said: “Merriweather will receive full songwriting credits in Dion's album, due in October”.
Read more:
As Mr. Sir Elton John sings: “It’s sad so sad. It’s a sad sad situation”. Yes, it’s a sad situation because Celine’s fans will be ignored once again.
Best regards from Poland

gold-star.jpg34.91 KB

NO matter what he think or somebody else.All fans know that Celine is the very best.

i posted to daniel's fb page:

"of all the people that you would accuse of not giving the due would accuse it to a singer who has been in this industry for more than 30 years!!!!! that is crazy and absurd! its a good thing that celine dion is not a war freak! good job celine for still being humble! and good luck to those who does not know how to react properly and accordingly!!!!"

You deserve way better than the crap that Daniel guy is spewing. Seriously, what a trainwreck. Also, wasn't that interview with Katie Couric months ago, yet he is only bringing up his invalid complaints just now? I cannot stand him and I don't even think that his song is that great. I still listen to Falling Into You and I hope for an album as brilliant as that one. That album made my childhood. I know how good Celine can be and it pains me sometimes to see her take lesser songs and feel like she has to duet with Ne-Yo or whoever or even sing an Adele song that is already popular. I love the woman and I want her to make another album like Falling Into You. I don't even know if it is possible, but I hope one day she climbs back up the ladder as she says (just one more time) and puts her head in the clouds. She is the best thing I have ever heard in my life and will always be, but she has let go of that spirit she used to have and that sparkle in her eye. I miss it. Rene probably knows what I am talking about. Kids are great, but don't lose yourself and your drive in life. You can be even more than you are now if you want to be, but I guess you have to still want it really bad. Do you want it?

I say just re record the 3 unreleased songs she had recorded a while back- All Because of you, Is Nothing Sacred Anymore, and Would I Know! I am obsessed with those songs and I think those would be GREAT songs for this album Smile does anyone else agree with me on this idea?????

Dear Celine, I think that all fans have spoken and we all agree that you should drop the song and the tittle to the album. Being the woman you are you deserve better, and can get writers who are way more talented then him to write you a better song that will become a hit, and when it does he can take back everything he said. If we have to wait a little longer then so be it, but you can do way better. WE LOVE YOU CELINE!!! Laughing out loud

Celine, you need to BREAKAWAY from this s***ty Water And A Flame bad publicity and that horrid so-called artist. You deserve so much better !

I heard of this just today. This insolent man has yet to offer a full, and unqualified apology. Instead of realizing he was totally wrong in his original comments, he insults Celine again. I had never heard of him before, and these statements are not a good way to come to the attention of people around the world. I hope he learns a tough lesson, retracts all of his negative statements, and offers a full apology.

At first, I thought there might be misunderstanding between Celine and Daniel Merriweather, but Daniel's latest reply on Celine's official statement proofed that it is not. And it somehow can be seen as slander in this case. So, I suggest Celine and her management to take possible legal action on this issue and sue Mr Merriweather.

PLEASE DONT PUT THIS SONG ON THE ALBUM. I DONT WANT TO GIVE THIS MAN THE SATIDFACTION. This is Celine Dion!!!! He should not speak about her like that, She did noting wrong. Can ye please put "JUST WALK AWAY" which was on celines colour of my love album on theis new album instead and call the album "just walk away"instead. This song was amazing and never got to be recognised world wide. This is an amazing song loved by celine fans all over the world. Where is it gone? Please bring it back.Its celines song and we all love it!!!! It would hit celine into the music scene again with a bang and bring tears to peoples eyes. the song is so powerful and moving. Skip "water and the flame". Daniel has sucked the life out of it. Celine fans don't want it on the album now Sad JUST WALK AWAY......PLEASE CELINE.....

Cant wait for vegas !!

Hope some comment will be made on the fact this guy is still after free publicity using Celines good name to get it .....and now in the media Adele has been dragged into it.
Ridiculous statement from Merriweather saying Celine needs the association with Adele to sell records!
Adele wasn't even around when Celine sold 200 million + albums, she doesn't need to name drop her and she certainly doesn't need that song to sell her albums!

This guy is feeding off of this controversy to promote himself. He's using the old trick of all publicity is good publicity because at the end of the made him on the cover of several news feeds.

Honestly Team Celine, communicate with Celine's management that this guy needs to be dropped from the album and the name of the album needs to change. Water and a Flame wasn't that great of a title anyways...I am sure there are several songs on the album that deserve the title...

It's never too late to do the right thing (remember the las vegas dvd that was thrown away because she had the short hair...that's exactly what I am talking about!!!)

hey everyone hey Celine hey Team Celine I realize these last few days have been kind of rough so I decided to do something a little special! Smile u see one of my most favorite things to do is write songs! I had wrote a song a little while back called Because of You which I dedicated to Celine and I had sent it to Celine along with a letter and she got it apparently because I got something back. anyway I decided to write another one that I had worked on yesterday and today that I will dedicate to Celine as well. It is called The Ones Who Will Stand Beside You. and it is about this situation and the fact that all her fans will always stay by her side through times like this! I hope you like I

~The Ones Who Will Stand Beside You~
I know there's words you hear that can make you cry
and the lies that are told are not any less harmful
but there is always a light that shines from the sky
there's always a road you can follow
that will lead you away from these darkening moments

you have taught us how to keep our strength
even when the world throws down it's pain
we still remain standing, because of the inspiration you've given
and now we can set our selves free from these chains

we know about these hard moments you've been facing
and we know the pain your feeling inside
and that's why we will be there to fight your battles
and move you up one step at a time

we will be the ones who will stand beside you
if ever this world turns it's back to you
if ever anyone turns against you
we will be the ones to stand up for you
if anyone tries to tear you apart
if anyone tries to shatter your heart
we just want to let you know
we are always here to support you
no matter where you let life take you
or what you choose to do
we will always be the ones
who will stand beside you

we know your story and the human being you've become
we know your heart has a never ending beat
that will always show right through you
and everything you say and everything you do
will shine like the brightest stars in the sky
and soar like an angle of God as it flies

but it always brings tears to our eyes
whenever we see you cry
and that's why we will be there to fight your battles
and stay beside you during your darkest times

(Go back up to chorus)

no one deserves to be hurt from the inside or out
no one deserves to be scarred from words
life should not be filled with thoughts that make you scream and shout
but as life goes on
we come to realize that we live with it everyday
but there's always a way around it
and that's what you have come to show us
and I believe that you will always have that strength

(go back up to chorus)
All Lyrics written by: Leah Milligan

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! let me know what u think of my song Smile
and Celine if u had read this I dedicated this to you letting you know that your fans are always there for you. if Celine didn't read this will u team Celine show her this song I worked so hard on it all just for Celine, to let her know how beloved she is by me and all her fans thanks again Smile <3 we all will always love you and support you Celine and we will always be the ones who will stand beside you, no matter what Wink <3
~ Leah M.

Celine, you should drop that guy's song. He doesn't deserve to work with you. I agree with "troubleshooter5" : Don't name the album after that idiot's song.

celine team,please don't give response to this clown anymore, leave him alone and just drop the song.

That's my word to describe this guy's behavior.
I suspect judgment altering chemicals.
He'll likely slither around on the trash talk show circuit.

The more that I think about it, the song should be taken off the album completely. This guy doesn't deserve anything from this after what he accused of Celine! It's too bad Celine doesn't know what's going on (she apparently doesn't read stuff of herself and has no idea what has been said of her), because we might still see it on the album. It's like Merriweather and his supporters didn't even watch the interview. Katie Couric's the one who brought up Adele, Celine only talked about Adele being her favorite singer, and in no way did she give credit to ANYONE, not even Adele. Does he really think Celine needs to drop names (Adele) to sell records?? Was she even here when Celine won her 1000+ awards and sold 200 million records? I don't think so. This is what Daniel needed to sell more records, which he failed to do so anyway. This little "publicity stunt" that Daniel's pulling is only hurting him. I knew he had too much greed and not enough respect to apologize to an icon and one of the most powerful figures in the industry.

In a nutshell,



Please let Rene know about Merriweather's latest antics and he'll know what to do about it.

It's not worth it. Celine deserves so much better. There must be hundreds of new songs ready to be picked.


Daniel the Dumbass!
This guy must be a juvenile publicity junkie.
Has he done this before?

This is getting ridiculous, I've never heard a celebrity or anyone really show so much arrogance and disrespect for another artist, especially someone with celine's caliber, who sings their song. And an artist like celine who has never been one for a lot of controversy and "smack talking" and feuds....It is down right insulting. He really needs to get over himself. Celine is well respected by some of the most respected artists the world has ever known. She has never said a hurtful or disrespectful thing to anyone. She doesn't judge others or make false claims or statements. She has never taken credit for something she doesn't do herself and she never even boasts her own success. She is one of the most humble celebrities who ever lived. This guy even has a music style that a lot of celine fans like too, so he is even alienating his own fans. Someone needs to give him a reality check. And it's very enraging that he acts as though he has any right to say that celine can't wake up if she saw half of what he has, who in the world can say anything about what someone else can handle or has been through. nobody even knew who this guy was until now, he needs to do a lot of growing up. To add to it, Celine's management even tried make the situation better even though they didn't have to.. yet he goes on with more ridiculous things to say, without merit. As if Celine needs Adele to sell an album? Even if she never sells like she did back in the day, who cares? She made her mark on history, show some respect!

Ok when is this going to stop I am literally crying for Celine right now Sad this is totally unfair for Celine what in this world has she done to deserve this??!! Celine i hope u know that we will all stand at your side and we will never leave and I will keep u In my prayers. This needs to be put to an end right now this is ridiculous if this guy really has such a serious problem with this the mature thing to do here is to talk to Celine in person and work it out! I don't know what else say right now besides, Celine I love u very much and ill keep u in my prayers! This will be put to an end!
<3 we all love u very much Celine and we will always be there for you! You can always count on us we will stand up for you! <3

This just keeps on throwing shade! Now he is calling Celine ignorant and that she is trying to ride on Adele's popularity in order to sell records. Celine, this is sooooooo wrong!

Please cut "Water and a Flame." Both the song and title!

He just flicked his finger at Celine and her fans! with a picture on facebook!!

I had mixed feeling about dropping the song. BUT NOW IT NEEDS TO BE AXED ASAP!!!

I am also dissapointed with her song 'Unfinished songs'. It sounds so outdated. The song is not very good, definitely not a single material. Celine needs another no. 1 hit. It's time.