Release Dates For ‘Loved Me Back To Life’

2013/09/04 3:00PM Canada (English)

Do you know when Celine’s new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ will be released in your country? Below are the release dates for some countries. We’ll keep you updated as release dates are confirmed.
November 1: Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Australia
November 4: France
November 5: North America
November 11: UK
December 4: Japan
Don’t forget you can now pre-order the new album at The Boutique. Are you ready for Celine’s return?

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Perfect timing Sony, Nov 5 Eminen in the USA, Nov 11 Lady Gaga in UK. Any hope that the single is going to be played on radios? This song deserves to be heard not only by fans..

The strategy is not lloking good so far tbh..

All fans are anxiously waiting for the launch in Brazil! <3

How about Brazil? We need Celine here next year! She is the female singer who sold more foreign albums in Brazil and never came here.

Japan is on December 4.
The day cannot keep waiting for me.
It is carrying out to the show to Las Vegas 20 times.
Many songs of the recollections are also contained in a new album.
Thank you, Celine!!
I continue loving you forever. <3<3<3

Maki @Tokyo,Japan

What about PHILIPPINES ??????
I can't wait. Hehehe.

How I wish that it will also be in the Philippines.

Can't wait till november 5! sooooooo excited! You have so amazingly loved the world back to life! Now love the world back to life even more by doing a world tour I have never seen you perform in concert during a world tour and I want to so badly I want to hear and see you sing your songs
that I have not gotten to hear you sing live yet! It's a big dream of mine and maybe I'll get a better chance to meet you! Which is my #1 dream of all time I love you so much Celine please do a world tour for loved me back to life!!!!! Smile the world loves you so much Celine!!!!! Smile

You are an angle sent down from God to love this world back to life!

image.jpg87.55 KB

What about ITALY?????

Okay, thank you Smile

We understand everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Celine’s new album in their respective countries. As release dates are confirmed we will post them here.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


and how about Georgia?? Sad We want to see you Celine in Georgia <3 You have never been to Georgia <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

November 1 in Switzerland. Happy to be first in line Smile

We have to wait in the United Kingdom till Nov, 11 Sad


Is the Japan release date as same as all Asia region?

Yup, release date for the Philippines, please... Smile

When in Spain? We need you and we love you!

And Bulgaria?

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

Will be it be relased in Argentina? I need to hear it now!!!!!

And Spain when? Ö I can't waaaait!!! Loved me back to life...❤!!

how about here in the philippines?

And will be released in Slovakia ?

I can't wait

November 4. in Norway. Can't wait. The new song is AMAZING ❤

Céline forever <3