Re-Release of ‘Sans attendre – Deluxe Edition’

2013/04/13 3:00AM Canada (English)

Fans in France, Belgium and Switzerland will soon be able to discover a new version of ‘Sans Attendre Deluxe Edition’ The new edition, will be released on May 13 and includes a lovely notebook (replacing the desktop calendar). The original edition is still available at The Boutique. ‘Sans attendre’ was a huge success selling more than a million copies worldwide!

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I'm a very long time fan but ever since it's one of the biggest bull...t I've ever heard!!!
By all means and by all respect, like someone else said, are we a stationery collectors or MUSIC fans here??!
The calendar was ok, fine. But as for a re-release I really expect more MUSIC, be it audio or video, but NOT another piece of stationery, no matter how lovely it may be!!!
I'm a big collector of everything Céline for almost 20 years now but I certainly won't buy this item!!
I concur Javier, J-Man and BrowseCeline - bring on the edited/unreleased/live material!!!
Than we'll be all in awe again!!
For now, I'm not in love, sorry Sony Music... Sad

Give us some credit. We wanted more music or a DVD as others have said. I've already got Celine notebooks. I don't need another one. 4 music videos, 2 radio edits, a fantastic TV special (the Canadian one), alternate artwork possibility using Alix Malka's wonderful photoshoot...... plus the possibilty of unheard songs, and you decide to stick a notebook in there. Boggles the mind....

Is it a joke? a good re - release should have a different artwork (Celine should be on the artwork and not that horrible drawing) and a good re - release should include unreleased songs. I'm not going to buy this new edition.

dear Marigo Qoraj why it is that you can't wait to buy this edition??
Just because the word ' Switserland'? There is only a notebook included with probably the same illustrations. And you as a fan, at least I think you are, already have the deluxe edition with the calendar.
I think you should wait until they release the special deluxe edition with things we really should buy it for; a dvd with studiosessions, extra unreleased songs, the radio-edit etc.
So it is wasted money, unless you want to put the cd in a glass cabinet along with your other collector's items...

I don't need a notebook. Thanks but I'll have to pass on this one.

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Wuuuuhuuu *____* Sooo cool !!!! I come from Switzerland, and I am just proud to be swiss, cause our Céline won in 1988 the Eurovision-Song-Contest for our Land !!!! I can't wait to buy this new "Sans attendre collection" ♥ J'aime Céline tellement beaucoup, elle est une personne exceptionnelle et Incroyable ♥


Are you just kidding, right ? hahahahha

of course the real fans won't buy.

Tiago Fragoso


Is this for real?!?

wow, so disappointed...

Could have more items than a notebook, D'elles had wonderful editions, now Sans Attendre everything we offer is a notebook.

I'd love to have Celine on the cover, a booklet with pictures of her and with bonus DVD.

I think there is a case of crossed wires going on , it was reported on other fan sites there would be a special edition but that was obviously reported wrong.
It's just a relaunch without the calendar cos they obviously can't keep the 2013 one in there forever.
It's just to give the deluxe that something extra like it always had.
Maybe we will get a special edition in the future with new tracks or DVD!?
Anyways looking forward to news on the English album too Smile

Just "a lovely notebook"? What a joke!

Sony, now you may think about release
of another deluxe edition containing a lovely DVD Wink

So here we go again, another foolish WOWSOEXCLUSIVEEDITION with a notebook!!! WOW, I'M overwhelmed! Seriously, folks at SONY like you just don't have the real stuff or what?!!? Give us new songs, at least the radio mix version of "Qui vivre sans..." Don't overlook al the previous comments!!!

~*~ live IS beautiful ~*~

No new stuff on the collector's edition of "Sans Attendre"? Sorry, but I'm not gonna buy it just to get a crappy notebook. We all love Celine, but we're not idiots, you know that, right?


This is really pathetic. It's so sad that you guys think we're fool enough not to see that you only release several different versions of the same just because fans will buy them no matter what. You knwo what? I'll think twice before buying this. Really hope you for once listen to use, WHO ARE THE MAIN BUYERS, and include some unreleased material so it is worth purchasing. I mean, what the hell?

Helloooo, we're here! Begging for unreleased shows to come out, and you don't give a d***!

"a lovely notebook "


we don't want a lovely notebook, but new photos or songs,dvd with making of, something really NEW.

Come on, FAIL.

Tiago Fragoso

Besides, its like all you at Sony like to walk backwards like the crabs.

So with D'elles in 2007, an album that its sales are a laugh compared to the success of Sans Attendre, and it got a deluxe edition with TWO booklets, one for the lyrics and one exclusively for PHOTOS, and also a DVD with the making of the album. Then D'elles also got a collector's boxset with the same contents plus more photos and postcards, and exclusive design for the booklets and packaging.

2013, Sans Attendre sells nearly 1.300.000 copies and all the best Sony can do is to include... a calendar and now a notebook????? It's like a joke.

Seriously, give us a break. This lack of respect to the fans is just getting hard to handle.

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

Dear Team Celine/Sony,

May i know how much that you guys get paid for this deluxe edition idea?
You guys did not do your reserach well.

All of the person comment before me should be part of the team and you will see what will they come up if they were given a chance to promote Celine Dion.

I am truly sad with this news.
Sans Attendre can match Deux success but you guys did not want it to be happen

I agree with all comments. A lovely notebook and that's all?
I believe they can do better than that.

I totally agree with all the previous comments.
The reason of buing the first Deluxe edition was not the "gift" but the fact the we all fans could have the possibility of enjoying two more amazing songs.

Now this re-issue doesn't give us a sufficient and a valuable reason to buy apart the fact that some of us like me are collectors and want to have all that is officially released.

Considering the huge success "Sand Attendre" is having worldwide this could be a beautiful occasion to celebrate it giving the fans some special and new material and especially give to this amazing record new long life.

Occasion lost unfortunately.....

This must be a joke... April Fools Day out of time or something...

· Recording sessions of at least four songs were filmed in HD; a DVD with that could be included here
· We have already two music videos from this album and are about to get a third one; that could perfectly be included on that bonus DVD
· Celine received at least one more song (the one that was presented to her at 'Le Grand Show' last November) and could have recorded it for this re-edition
· The night before the release day of the album, a big special was broadcasted on 'TVA'. The special was the most watched show of the night in the country. It could have been included on this new edition of the album.

Sony, there's LOADS of material you could have released here, that MANY fans would buy without even thinking of it... And all that makes this re-release special is a notebook?!??!?!? What a way to finish the life of a commercially successful album...

Sony, you can’t be serious! The fans are longing for a DVD with the recording sessions for that album and the music videos; not a notebook… what a joke!

I agree with Javier
When you offer a new deluxe edition, then also give the fans something worth buying.
Not again something with these childish drawings in them. I did not do anything with that calendar and I won't do anything with that notebook. It is soooo girly and does not match with the amazing tracklist of this cd. It is a total waste.
There is a list of gorgeous photo's for the promotion of this album. Use these to make a amazing booklet. And who is it Sony wants to promote? Celine or the illustrator?
Deluxe would be - 3 extra songs and a dvd with footage of the studio recordings and indeed the radio edit of Oui Peut Vivre Sans Amour. Not this.

A notebook? And that's all???

Honestly this don't take me by surprise, its the last example of laziness and mess that Sony and Céline's team have when it comes to her music and her CD releases.

Who are you thinking in when you come to include these "bonus" features to call an album "deluxe" version? A calendar first, then a notebook, do you want fans to open a stationery shop with them or something? Shouldn't be better to include a DVD with some videos, making of footage, or at least the new version of Qui peut vivre sans amour as bonus material?

Noooo of course not, this is not the normal thing to do when its comes to Celine Dion. It's better... a notebook!!!

Oh my gosh.............................. another missed chance to add to the long list already of waisted chances in Céline's catalogue of releases.

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come