"Qui peut vivre sans amour" On Quebec Radio Today

2013/03/18 3:00AM Canada (English)

It’s here! The third single "Qui peut vivre sans amour", from Celine's latest album ‘Sans attendre’, will be released to radio stations across Quebec today. Listen to the entire track here!

Qui Peut Vivre

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Awesome radio edit of this single. I'm so excited for the video Smile, any word of it's release or what the video will consist of?

I love this song <3 When will release the video clip ?

spike_123 @ Still prefer to buy the traditional CD single.
It's an amazing thing for someone who adores the artist!

Thanks alot TeamCeline for sharing the new edit with us.

I love it. Her voice sounds much clearer! And its more orchestral than the original, still very dark and edgy. i think it will do well on the radio.

I love what's been done to this song in the radio remix. QPVSA is a gem on the album, and this new version helps it shine. As said already: it's less aggressive, Celine's voice is clearer, the strings are nice, and it could make a great dance song.

I can't wait for another video! Keep up the good work, TeamCeline!

Hi Justin Matthew!!! The songs "Le miracle" and "Qui peut vivre sans amour" have already been released as separate singles!! As downloads!! On itunes It's just the way they do things now!!! Most songs now sell as downloads rather then singles CDs!!!! These songs are available to us on iTunes but unfortunately not as as a cd single as the songs are not released here in the uk!!! just as a download (for fans) here in the uk!!!

I agree with you regarding unfinished songs!!! There as been such a big hype regarding the song!!! And even when the film gets released we still don't get the song!!! It's obviously not a hit film so the song won't get released as a single maybe it will be a download song.

the movie isn't released in other counties until the summer!!! And the new english album whatever it's now called!!! Won't be released until October 2013!!! So we will either get this song for download only!!!! Late next month!!! Maybe may?? if at all.

To be honest!!! I'm losing interest in celines music as the website always gives information last minute after we have already seen the news days before on the Internet!!! Before its put onto celine.com and her English albums seem to be full of covers, we are never updated on the latest news until last minute!!! It's a nightmare!!! I have never seen anything like it!!!

It's mad!!!! Well that's it for me!!! I'm not wasting time on this site anymore. The news it's shows I knew months ago!!! Etc the news regarding the Neyo and celine duet was on the Internet October 2012 it's now march 2013 and they have only just released the news boring!!! Old news!!!

Ok....nice, I guess. Poor Andre! He was like 'yes, finally!' then......nooooo! How is she supposed to play air guitar? Wink

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Dear CelineDion.com/Sony,
I just have one little question. Why the CD singles have not been released yet?! I want "Parler a mon pere", "Le miracle" and "Qui peut vivre sans amour" released separately, each with the different cover, as you did with every single in the past. And please don't forget to release the CD single with "Unfinished Song" here in the United Kingdom!

Bravo Celine! The new single is a little different but I like it. Thank you TeamCeline!

[color=black][i] "Love Can Move Mountains"[/i][/color]

Well done TeamCeline/Sony, for releasing an alternate version and sharing it with us. I really like the result. Céline's voice sounds clearer here, and I LOVE how the strings were brought to the first scene. Love it!

Now, some remixes maybe? This song could do very well with some Smile

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

WOW Thrid single already? It seems like just yesterday Parler a Mon Pere just came out! I'm so happy the album is doing so well! Love you Celine <3 <3

Elle <3

Great song!!!

I loved the cd version. Why the need to alter it is beyond me. Oh well. I hope it soars!!!!

As for the video, I can't wait! I hope Celine part of the story line.

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

The single version is nice, it's less aggressive than the album version. But still I'd rather like Si je n'ai rien de toi as the 3rd single. Anyway, can't wait for the video ! Scared of it being directed again by the same Thierry Vergnes, but there's nothing we can do at this point... So let's hope it's a good one !