Pre-order ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ At The Boutique Today!

2013/09/04 3:00AM Canada (English)

You were treated to Celine’s fantastic new single “Loved Me Back To Life” yesterday but did you reserve your copy of the highly-anticipated brand new album? Pre-order the Loved Me Back to Life standard CD or Deluxe Edition from Celine’s official online Boutique and receive a Silver Spinner Key Ring FREE (a $10 value!). Plus, you’ll also get an extra 15% off anything* else you purchase at The Boutique. Pre-order your copy today!

(*Offer excludes fragrances, CDs &DVDs and ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ t-shirt)

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Oh i can't wait it going to be a long wait for the albums release.

With all my love

Very disappointed that Water and a Flame is still on this album...should've been dropped and replaced after the rude behavior of that Merriweather guy. Open Arms would've been a much better choice in its place.

Hi Justin,

On Sony Music Store, only the standard version of 'Loved Me Back To Life' is available for pre-order.


Dear shearer1931,

Should you have any questions regarding your merchandise order, please send an email to Someone will be able to assist you with your order.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


I'm having issues with ordering. Have tried 3 different browsers and none of them will let me add the deluxe version to my cart and purchase it. Please help. It's killing me to not order Celine!

Maybe Celine could add a Loved Me Back To Life Bonus CD with all of her Vegas covers Smile just an idea! Smile and I thought Celine had a song called Climb Every Mountain that was going to be on the album
Can't wait till Friday, next Wednesday and Novemeber 5!!!!!! Soooooooo excited!!!!!
I've already got Loved me back to life memorized Wink!!!!!

Why there's no Open Arms in the album, I love the song and I love Celine sings it.

Dear, please clarify if "Loved Me Back To Life" available at the Music Store for £9.99 is the standard or deluxe edition???

Im so exited!!!!!!! i already pre-ordered the album on itunes and pre-ordered the actual album!!! Im so exited lol:)

Elle <3

I will buy the Deluxe Edition in Poland! I will wait 2 more months. I am sure it is worth the wait.
Beautiful cover of the new English-language album.
It's sad "Open Arms" isn't part of the new album.
Best regards from Poland

I can't wait to have this album !!! I'm really sad Open Arms isn't part of it though. Sad

I want to have the satisfaction to buy this incredible album in my country!
So I'm afraid I have to wait 2 more months Sad
Btw I love the new single: Loved me back to life <3