Photos From ‘Pandora Presents Celine Dion’

2013/10/30 5:40PM Canada (English)

Visit the Photos section to view photos from Celine’s October 29 intimate club performance at the Edison Ballroom in New York City, presented by Pandora. Celine looks fabulous as always!

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I just saw in Youtube this small concert and I have two things to say:

1. Can you just stick to the original arrangement of Loved Me Back To Life?
The recent live performance starting from Jimmy Fallon and The View, and now on this concert and the Vegas, to be honest, I cannot stand anymore.
You lose the edgy side of the song and the recent live version simply flat!
Would you like to consider to come back to the original arrangement like you did on Celine.. Une Seule Fois? It is 10 times better than now.

2. Can you Please sing other songs than It's all coming back to me now, Because you loved me, and My heart will go on? ok, The Reason can stay.
I understand they are your big hits, but would it be better to try to sing your other hits than that?

Luc Plamondon Medley on your Quebec Concert, It so superb from Je Danse dan Ma Tete until incognito.
Or maybe like the different version or remix like you did for I'm Alive or My Love.

Can you do that for us, Celine?

I wish I had been there Smile I love Celine

Her performance for my heart will go on and all by my self were amazing there are a couple fan videos on YouTube I watched! For my heart will go on she sang the beginning part of the song, the one Elise usually sings before Celine comes on stage, in a Capella and omg it was beautiful it made me cry!!!!!!!
I love you for ever Celine Smile!!!!!!!

If only I get there....

Celine has hundreds great songs but she keeps singing because you loved me, it's all coming back to me, etc. Kind of boring....

What songs did she sing? Please don't tell me she sang "Love can move mountains", "My heart will go on", "The power of love", "Because you loved me", etc.....

I don't understand why she always sings the same songs over and over again. She needs to change. She has so many wonderful songs that she never sings. She needs a fresh setlist.

I wonder when she finds a moment to get some sleep Smile

I love them them Laughing out loud and you are right Celine looks amazing and beautiful as always! Smile
Are there any videos????????????? Laughing out loud