Official Translated Lyrics For “Parler à mon père”

2012/09/21 3:00PM Canada (English)

Many of you have asked for a translation of the lyrics to Celine’s latest French single “Parler à mon père” and we’re happy to bring this to you! Read the official English translation in the Music section and tell us what you think of the song.

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Amazing! When I first heard this song and read the lyrics it was done so beautifully! I cannot wait for the new album to come out!

Thank you so much!!! I think the lyrics are great and really meaningful to Celine! She can relate the song with her beloved father! je sais pas jouer...
On me dit qu'aujourd'hui, on me dit que les autres font ainsi...
Je ne suis pas les autres...

Beautiful,Beautiful.......Beautiful !!!


Thank you! Celine should do this for all her songs, maybe release a book or something or if they are released in the English market print English lyrics!

Thank you for the traslation!!!!

" Parler à mon Père" is a very beautiful Song and sad too !!!
Céline sings it so beautiful and amazing as every Song !!! I love it, and the Video-Clip is soo cool !!!! *__*

I love Céline Dion so indescriably much <3<3<3

Thanks for the translation!! I want to learn french!!! Smile

This song means a lot to me and my daughter especially. My daughter Leah is 6 now and has never spoken to her dad. We live in the UK and her dad is French Canadian (from Montreal). I hope one day they can talk xx

love this!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

I translated the song myself and learned a little French along the way. Plus, I'm taking a French course!
Celine's French songs, and in general French music, have this specialness to them that an English song simply does not have. It must be the lyrics. They make a bigger impact on the heart, and have so much emotion. Celine, I love your French music!

"So this is who I am, and this is all I know. And I must choose to live for all that I can give, the spark that makes the power grow."