New Celine Interview on CNBC

2014/03/13 3:00AM Canada (English)
Celine was a guest on American show “The Squawk Box” on CNBC. Watch her discuss her life in Las Vegas, her show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and her love of performing on stage.

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Wonderful Celine Dion! <3 <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

Nice interview! Céline has stayed the same person that she's always been and I love her for that. Thank you Céline for everything you do and for everything you are!

and come to Columbus Ohio too Celine Laughing out loud its real close to Chicago Laughing out loud (though you probably already know that lol Wink )

I'm so glad they asked her about touring. I want her to perform an american tour so bad. Come to Chicago Celine!!!!

like always Celine, amazing interview!!!!!! Laughing out loud I'm so glad your not like all those other artists who think they're "so hot" because they really aren't!!!!!
I love you so much Celine!!!!!! thank you for being a wonderful and inspiring person that's you been your whole life!!!!! Laughing out loud

Celine is the real deal and she is a mother first and that is very impressive given that she is who she is and I think that says something about her in volumes. Rene and Celine have this love that is unbreakable and how do I know this, just look at them together. I lost the one and only man in my life on July 3,2011 when he passed away after a brave fight with cancer. Does cancer scare me? Yes it does but it makes me sad more then scared because it took away the man that looked at me the same way Rene looks at Celine. We were together for 39 years and Don was my only love and will be my only love, when you have had the best there is no room for the rest. Celine had a big role in our lives and she doesn't know it but then she has done that for many people. Don's favorite cd was One Heart and I am on my 4th copy of that cd. You see I was very sick in 2007 and almost died twice and on that cd were a few songs that came to mean so much to the both of us, but the one that meant the most was and still is "I Know What Love Is" because before open heart surgery I told Don to catch if I fell and it just stuck for us. Her music helped our love to grow so deep I didn't know you could love someone that much and what I miss the most about Don is the way he would just look at me so when I see pix of Rene and Celine and the way they looked at each other it brings back just how deep our love was, but you know something else happened when I had heart surgery and for right now I have told only one person and he will never tell anyone except God maybe. One day Celine will find out what happened but because it was so odd and I can't explain it and it will never be put to paper. So one day I will be able to tell her I can feel it in my heart. I just wanted to thank Celine for showing us all what love is and what it is supposed to be for everyone on some level. Thank you for letting me ramble but like Celine I love to talk. Talking about our kids and our grandkids is my favorite subject. Don and I had 2 children I gave birth to and 2 girls we took into our hearts and our home and they completed our family. We have 7 grandchildren who are just beautiful. We have, and I will always say we because I didn't do these things by myself, wonderful kids and grandkids and they are our legacy. For what we learned while building our family we passed down to our kids and they will pass it on to their kids. I loved Don so much that even now I know he is beside me watching and helping the words come out of my heart. But after it all the one and only thing I have left to do is something I can't write about because it has to be done right and one day it will be done right and my heart will be happy because I will have done what I have been trying to do for almost 6 years. So to end this I will just say Thank You to Rene and Celine because without one there wouldn't be the other and I am so happy he listened to her demo record all those years ago because we have reaped the benefits of true love.

Deborah Keith Hodapp

Loved the interview, it was something different this time and not the same questions that she is always asked! Smile

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"