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Motorcycle Benefit Ride & Jam In Honour Of Firefighter Kevin Oldham

2013/08/04 3:00AM Canada (English)

To honour firefighter Kevin Oldham’s last wishes, the Mo-Hawk Less Cancer Gives Back Motorcycle Benefit Ride & Jam will be held in his memory on Saturday, September 7 at Gages Lake, Illinois, USA. The event will be followed by a silent auction and raffles. Proceeds of this event will be divided between pancreatic cancer research and the CODE 3 FOR A CURE Foundation, which assists firefighters who are battling cancer.

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you're not a person that you're an angel has this world come to happy with your voice I love you, you are my most precious example in music

I thank God because when I was born,
  I was born with two disabilities who are called spina bifida, hydrocephalus E doctors gave me 3 months of life, I SAID NO would have to walk, run cantr and much more but God gave me 25 years and I do many things the

I hope all goes well Smile!!!!! <3