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2012/09/26 1:40PM Canada (English)

Dear Friends

As many of you have already heard, Sony Music has decided to postpone the release date of Celine’s new English-language album to 2013. While we understand how disappointing this is for all of you, the release was pushed back simply because the new album is not 100% ready. We're really sorry for this delay and at the same time we’re very excited about the new album, Celine’s voice is stronger than ever! The decision to delay the release was made because everyone wants the best album possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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I'm amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter
a blog that's equally educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you've hit the nail on the head.
The issue is something which not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.
Now i'm very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something concerning this.

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Don't know where to leave a message for Celine's family. Thank you for giving us a space to do it.

We want you to know, that you all are in our thoughts and prays every day. We know these are difficult times. God is with you, you bring us peace and beauty every day with your music and presence. As far as we can be, we as a family (my wife Elsa and little daughter Marielle), want to thank Rene for all this years of love, capacity, strength and creativity, all the effort made to bring you to the world.

Of course thank you for all the work and devotion to your career. Of course, you deserve any time you may need to take care of your family, this tells a lot about the great person, wife and mother you are. Even the artists must take a rest.

There as been a lot of speculation around this album!!!! It looks like we have to wait yet another 6 months October 2013!!!! Come on Sony!!!! It's not fair!!!

I know there are a lot of fans that don't want cover songs! But I can't see why there isn't a release of 2 versions of this album? Why don't Sony release the album with new material and another version with a bonus disc of the cover songs?? It's not rocket science!!!!!!

And I understand that celine don't have time to record new songs!!! At the moment. However I'm sure that there are alot of songs that celine as recorded in the past and never been released!!! So why don't Sony put them in the album?

Totally OK with the push if its for the quality of the new English album,knew Celine would give us the best!


We people who love Celine Dion will wait. This happened for a good reason, that's for sure! I'm craving for Celine's new song and if waiting until next year is what we have to do to have the best product of Celine, then will wait! ... So damn excited!

Hola a todos, no pasa nada porque retrases unos meses mas el nuevo disco en ingles, si ya llevamos casi 5 años esperándolo ... Pero por favor ven a España, y haz publicidad, que queremos verte, oírte y todo. Hay un programa en antena3 que te encantaría, es divertido, alegre, y todo y es muy conocido en hollywood, y por cantantes compatriotas tuyos como Justin Bieber , el programa se llama El Hormiguero 3.0 .

Saludos desde España.

I'm agree !!! *_* I'm still veryy excited, I can't wait , her english-Album will be amazing with so much of beautiful Songs of our dearest Céline! And her french Album will come soon, I'm soo over happy !!!! Céline notre Reine, est vraiment la MEILLEURE ♥♥♥♥♥

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that feels the same way about cover songs!! I love her and wish her the best! Smile

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Well, I don't mind at all if they need to postpone it until couple of months.

I agree with some comments here: we all wants Celine to do a new song material that is not a cover.
By the way like it or not, there are a lot of cover on the previous album, but not as massive as on this new album.

I am much more interested on the french album (although I don't speak French) but they are usually offered new material, new sound, and new style of Celine (1 fille & types and D'elles for example).

As for the english release, I am not that exicted.
In my opinion, when Celine sings in English, it feels different, particularly during A new day.. and until now. A bit more screaming thing, not soft anymore. Sometimes sounds flat.

I know that I cannot expect the same voice from 90's or before a new day...
You can feel different listening songs like declaration of love, miles to go before I sleep, l want you to need me, then you look at me, compared with you and I, ain't gonna lose the other way, taking chances, alone, surprise surprise, a new dawn, a world to believe in etc.

but still I expect the best...

I think Celine (and the management) need to choose carefully with the songs like they did in 90's.
or maybe write a song by herself (tous pres du bonheurs, don't save it all for christmas day, remember?)

I eager want to hear, however, 'unfinished songs' from Diane Warren.
Do you have some preview for us?

Celine, your fans here expect the best from you.
Every comment in here is for you.

So, don't rush art.

One more thing, I think for the live performance, does anybody on Celine's band want to do something different with the songs? a different arrangement perhaps?
For example:
I'm alive remix from taking chances tour is great one example.
or My love - live version which is really, really great compared with the album version.
or maybe eyes on me remix like they did on That's Just The woman In Me.

Maybe doing My Heart will go on the longest version (although I think this song must be on the vault now) since you have an orchestra now?

or maybe some songs in acoustic version like you did on au coeur du stade?

Sometimes I get tired of that.
They just do the same arrangement but this time, It's All coming back to me now is mashed up with The Power of love, Declaration of love is v.s. love can move mountains. We just jump into the chorus until the end. Verse 1, I don't know where it goes... but all we listen is the same thing.

And yes, please do some songs that you never did in live! you have a big catalog to pick some songs that you never or rarely do live.

I believe that your fans really expected that from you.

ex: coulda woulda shoulda, reveal, faith, I hate you then I love you, be the man, these are special times, if walls could talk, then you look at me, falling into you, make you happy, I want you to need me (this one is my favorite now - including the thunderpuss remix), Live for the one I love, contre nature, ne bounge pas, je lui d'irai, dreamin' of you, I love you, miles to go (before I sleep), goodbye's (the saddest word) - radio edit, the greatest reward, let your heart decide, dance with my father, immortality, zora sourit, ma nouvelle france, immensite, les paradis, femme comme chacune, a cause, have you ever been in love, did you give enough love, can't fight the feelin', I got nothing left, nothing broken but my heart, with this tear, call the man, when i fall in love, I believe in you, je ne vouz oublie pas, that's the way it is, right in front you, ten days, super love, I'm your angel... I can go on until the morning.

well, that's all.

Hi everyone,

Though I am a bit sad that the album is now delayed I am still excited and am sure with more time to perfect it, the album will be amazing.

I understand that fans just want an original songs but that is not all the fans feelings on the new album. I also was looking quite forward to hearing at seventeen and open arms on the album. I definitely want some vegas songs on the there. I agree there should be original songs but definitely some Vegas and | am hoping that doesnt change.

I think some of the comments are very harsh.

To be honest some of the songs that Celine has done covers of i dont even think of them as covers as Celine makes them her own and they become Celine songs.

I also think its a good idea to have seperate promotion for both albums.

I really miss to hear new English songs from my angel Celine. After Vegas, I hope you will consider to hold concerts in countries you have not been into where legions of fans are waiting for you like the Philippines, as mentioned by xjaa...

john_ryan2.jpg25.58 KB

I believe in your decision Celine ^^

I hope that postponing this album will actually work towards improving the album. When I read potential tracklists on Wikipedia (not sure if they are true) I was not very satisfied, because most of them were covers. The fans want new material. Too many covers will make people roll their eyes. A few covers (like 3 in Taking Chances) are fine, but those are too many, and those can be shown on an EP of the new Vegas show. So now I am going to have to follow up what other fans have been posting; improve the album while the postponement time passes, and make other material available: a DVD of Memphis, Unison documentary, Olympia, Millennium, Brunei, rare songs, Parler à Mon Père in iTunes US, polls of choices for singles, polls for what fans want to hear in Vegas (in my preferred case, having a post-2000-hiatus song in the closing after My Heart Will Go On, and having at least 2 original French songs that are not Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore.) And I don't think On This Day's, or Did You Know in the Local News are satisfactory, cause it's all stuff we have heard before. More current updates are helpful.
As much as I think Vegas is not the best place, somehow it seems to work since Celine is able to do what she likes and stay in one home with her kids, but maybe it would be nice to make it easier for the fans if Celine could take time off to do a few shows abroad. Maybe every week go to another city to do a one-night-only. Visit the fans in her home of Quebec, as well as places with a high fan base where a Celine concert was never held (Iberian Peninsula, Phillipines, Israel, South America, Eastern Europe.)
Whatever happens, I can't wait, and anything could surprise me. Bonne chance Céline.

I don't believe that the album is not 100% done. Why did they not know that two weeks ago when the post was made about unfinished songs being on Water and a Flame out this November??? Because it's done, there're being greedy and its all about sales. STUPID to think we're that out of touch.

I do not criticize them, but I really wonder why Celine's staff cannot make an effort to avoid this postponement. They are all extremely experienced on music business, they know Celine's style for a long time, why this? But I hope they will give us something new, new rhythms, new arrangements, let's wait.... Celine is lovely anyway!

I'm sure it will be worth wait Smile
I can not believe how selfish and self centred some of the comments have been on this whole postponement, the reason behind its hold up is something we as fans have to respected. Reading on here there's a lot of negativity regarding Las vegas shows too. All I can say to that one, save ya cash and ye shall go to see Celine. That's what I did Smile The new CD will be brill!!!

I am embracing the postponement as opportunity to savor the french cd and await more from Celine and hear songs from Vegas show as well as new songs never heard before







É realmente uma pena o álbum ter sido adiado pra março de 2013, mas eu sei que assim será melhor porque Celine terá mais tempo para promover cada álbum separadamente (francês e inglês), dando a cada um a devida divulgação e importância merecida, mal posso esperar pelo lançamento de "Water And A Flame", tenho certeza que o álbum será o melhor que Celine já gravou na sua carreira.
Mesmo com o adiamento do álbum de linguá inglesa, estou muito feliz que está chegando a data de lançamento de "Sans Attendre" Smile

It's really a shame the album has been pushed back to March 2013, but I know it will be better because so Celine will have more time to promote each album separately (French and English), giving each a proper disclosure and importance deserved, I barely I can wait for the release of "Water And A Flame", I'm sure the album will be the best that Celine has recorded in his career.
Even with the postponement of the English-language album, I'm very happy that is approaching the release date of "Sans attendre" Smile

Celine please, I think you need some time in their lives, get a 2 year CDs are releasing and giving a remodeled the songs, I'm sorry if I'm being really thick over his career must be reviewed. Much love Celine and her music.

By a great chance i was able to go see Celine's vegas show this year! I loved the way she made the cover songs her own! Can't wait to have them on cd so i can stop getting on youtube everyday:)
Looking forward to the new songs on the cd as well!

I don't have a problem with waiting until March. It's the attitude of Celine's management that I have a huge problem with, as well as the attitude of the official site administration. Honestly, it feels like a complete dejavu every time they're telling us about something that happened in 1981, 1983 or 1988. We don't need that, thank you. Tell us what Celine is doing RIGHT NOW, for God's sake, her plans, her thoughts, her eveyday life, the twins, etc etc. If the album is delayed - tell us!!!!! Honestly, the whole plan to release two albums at once was a bit strange, as BOTH albums deserve to be well-promoted and that is extremely hard to do if you release them at the same time.

I've been a fan of Celine for 14.5 years now. The last 9 years have been nothing but Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. Celine, ENOUGH of Vegas, sweetheart. Seriously.

If a world tour is a problem - we can understand that, because Celine is a mother of three. Not every mum of three is able to do this. But what we're REALLY desperate for is NEW songs and new material. We've been waiting for an English CD for 5 years now. Still, what we're about to get is an album that has 50% of covers instead of real songs! If THIS is how Vegas affects Celine's art and work, we don't want any Vegas anymore. We wants new songs.

Rene, I never in my whole life thought I was going to say this, but here I go: please reconsider your manangement style or resign before you have ruined Celine's career. We all know you're the one that Celine owes her career to, but right now your management style is quite doubtful.

Someone mentioned releasing Live from Memphis, Millenium and A l'Olympia on DVD. This would not be a bad idea as we've been waiting for these DVDs for YEARS. Please please please listen to us and realease them at last.

I do apologize if my words sound a bit harsh but that's only because the whole situation is quite worrying and unpleasant. Thank you.

I live in Brazil, I'm a fan for 18 years of celine, I can not afford to go to Vegas to watch their shows, I hope for a show here in Brazil since 1999, it's sad 'cause many Brazilian fans are waiting for it.

I can't wait!!!!!

I'm so upset I want to cry now! I have been counting down the months, weeks and days until this album will be released. It has been changed so many times. So you want to make the best album possible? My advice would be to get rid of the cover songs. We have waited 5 years for another English album from Celine and it has half covers on it. You have until March now which is good so if you really want to make this the best album possible, I urge you to get rid of all the cover songs on the album! The French album will have all new material do it's not fair that the English album have so many covers on it.

Thank you for telling us!!
Well If the album is not 100% ready I think it is better to postpone it even if I was doing the countdown of the days till november:(
Anyway I can't wait for this album!!!
I love you Celine<3<3<3


Hmmm, really don't understand why there are such unfair comments about the delay of the new english album! how in the world can someone say that Celine did nothing the last six years??
I really wonder! Didn't she promote Taking Chances, went back to Vagas for the remaining shows just before goin' on the Taking Chances World Tour? (Seen her in Zurich for the 4th time and was flashed as always!) Most important: becoming a mom isn't the easiest job in the world either -especially after the arrival of twins! So please give Celine and her Team the time they need, to release a brilliant album that satisfies them AND us.(weither with Covers or not!) Maintenant c'est "Sans Attandre". J'aime beaucoup Céline d'ètre de retour chanter en français!! Bisous, Carlo Smile

No problem!!!! Actually i think it's better this way, because we will have enough time to fully enjoy the new french album!! I prefer waiting some months longer rather have a new english album full of covers!!! je sais pas jouer...
On me dit qu'aujourd'hui, on me dit que les autres font ainsi...
Je ne suis pas les autres...

We've been waiting for a new album the whole 4 years. And now 4 months are nothing for us. Good luck Celine!!! WE LOVE YOU Smile


So, the album will be amazing!!
Good luck Celine!!
I am still waiting Smile

Thank you for releasing this statement. However I hope that some things will change and this official site is managed better. It needs to have more up-to-date news! I hope that the songs on the new album are choosen carefully and there will be some potential number one hits. This is CELINE DION. She can have the best song writers and producers work for her. She is still young and still can give us a great album that can make it number one in several countries. I hope Celine will do a world tour soon when she is ready to do so Smile

Well welcome to the party,

I appreciate that the team finally reached out to the fans and acknowledged our feelings. I can only speak for myself, but I would love it if we had more album updates. What tends to happen is that we hear about the album one week, then months go by, and then there's another delay. Would it at all be possible to get more frequent updates? Just so we can really get a sense of where the album is and what their focus is on. A lot of fans would really enjoy that and it would only raise our anticipation for the new album. When we don't know what's going on for months at a time, we have no clue what to assume, and then when a delay happens, we wonder what's been going on that whole time.

Again, thanks for the message and it definitely makes me feel like someone is paying attention to us.

Better late than never.. Tongue
Thank you for actually listening to us and making it more official! I appreciate it!

I actually like the idea of half vegas songs and half new songs. I haven't had a chance to go to Vegas, so i would like some of the songs on CD. And obviously i'm really excited for the new ones!
Celine and her team can't please everyone! which is why i think they're doing half & half. If they were doing a full vegas CD people would complain about not having any new songs, and i think if we were getting a full original CD, there may be people asking for vegas songs on CD. So it's not really a terrible idea! (well i don't think it is anyway)
And it's not like this is going to be her last albums ever, I'm sure we will eventually get a new CD with original songs! (You get what you're given, don't bite the hand that feeds you Celine Tongue )

So i can't wait for november and next year! Hope you guys will continue to actually keep us informed!

(p.s i really wish some people would speak for themselves, you don't know how EVERYONE feels about it!)


"the release was pushed back simply because the new album is not 100% ready" - hahahahahahahahahaha not yet ready but still they're doing the same material as announced (i'm being so sarcastic but i don't want to have a false hopes but i have a strong feeling that if there are any changes to the album....its very minimal....................goodluck!) i hope im wrong....i'll be glad if im wrong!!!!


1. Since she came back in 2002, its always her French albums who get finalized first and had new and interesting materials to look forward too

2. This English album that's supposed to be released by this year is not powerful as the new french and it has been like that 1 fille & 4 types vs one heart, d'elles vs taking chances, i hope they bring out powerful albums in the same manner

3. We have been told that not later this year the English album will be released, we never heard anything from it, and now the news we got is that the album will be pushed back in 2013 and what? the french album gets in first...again! if that FRENCH album be released here in the philippines, that's a bit of a consolation for us here...

NOTE: don't get me wrong, I am not against the French, I have loved and learned French because of Celine Dion...but just like any other fans...we want our CELINE DION BACK!!!!

I maybe dissapointed now, but i'll be fine, i am still a huge Celine Dion fan. I have been before and i will always be...i just hoped that they didn't done this to me or to us...

CELINE DION i love you with all my heart, just with the news or updates about you removes the stress that i have everyday....and i am sorry if i am telling just really sad...but furthermore still looking forward for that new english album and just like what other fans said, WE HOPE THAT ITS ALL ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS AND NOT JUNKS FROM VEGAS...

This is disappointing. When will a single be released? At the very least, it would be nice to be able to purchase Parler a mon pere on US itunes. The only way I can listen to this great song is through YouTube and this site.



I wait the time it takes and I sure this album will be amazing,
Celine is the Best and for sure she wants everything more than perfect, I get more and more excited
with this album.
Thank you for the update.

Thank you very much for listening to everyone's comments!!! We really do appreciate it very much! This is the site where we should be getting the news about Celine before any other website. I have been a huge fan for over 20 years. We know that Celine has the best voice of anyone, and we eagerly await any news about her or any new material as well. I think that we understand that people who visit Celine in Vegas want a CD of the songs that she sings, but the fans that stand by Celine year to year desperately need and want new material. Of course, we would be in Heaven if we could go to a concert with only Celine songs, because nobody does it better than her. For those who just go to see her in Vegas, of course they pretty much want to hear the normal "hits" from the past years, because they aren't aware of all of the amazing songs that Celine sings on all of her CD's whether they be in English or French. The majority of Celine's huge circle of fans around the world aren't able to attend a concert in Las Vegas, but that doesn't keep them from buying and craving new material from Celine. During the past 5 years, it would have been very productive for all of us to have the ability to purchase DVD's of the ones that have already been mentioned, or even CD's of unreleased songs. Please, pass along this information to Celine, Rene and her team. We love Celine, and we respect her for the talent that she has, but also for the person that she is. We are thrilled that she has her family, and we respect that she wants to be the best mother that she can be. I admire her so much for all that she does and is. We are just in desperate need of news and new material. If the delay for the English album will create a better CD, and more time to promote it, then we will all be patient. I, for one, am looking so forward to getting the new French CD in November. I saw Celine when she did her TC tour, and I've been to Vegas to see the show 5 times. I'll also be there again next summer. I would dearly love to hear more of Celine's actual songs, than other covers. Of course, Celine sounds wonderful, but she has so many fantastic songs of her own that we all want to hear. Also, it would be lovely to be given little snippets of songs etc. here on Celine's actual offical website. Polls about things other than who is going to Vegas would be very much appreciated as well. Thank you again for helping us to feel that what we think and want matters. I am very proud to be a Celine fan!!!! Celine is awesome in so many ways!!!

"Let your heart decide"

As big of a fan as I am, I would rather be disappointed by pushing back the album to make it better than releasing something that won't do well on the charts and appeal to the fans. Celine, you have such a wonderful voice and you promote a wonderful image for the music industry. We aren't always reading about you in the tabloids or other news for being arrested for this and that. It's so nice to admire an artist who truly loves herself, her family, and her fans. Sure do miss you touring. I'm hoping I can make it out that way to Vegas before the show ends. The pictures shown below are from the concert you gave when you visited Birmingham, AL in Jan of 2009! WONDERFUL SHOW!!!! Keep us all posted on the new album. We love & support you every step of the way Smile

Thanks for the update and all of the hard work going into the albums. I can't wait until it is released. I know it will be awesome!!!

Thank you so much for some real information that we have all been waiting for!!! I can't speak for everyone but I do believe that most fans have such admiration and love for Celine and her songs and incomparable voice and we just need to hear her.

I personally love some of the songs from her show that we don't have recorded versions of yet that are planned for the new album!! I will be excited to have those for sure but I also would like many new releases on the album! It has just been so long since we have had this! I just love hearing new material and all I want to do is listen to her songs over and over until they become so familiar!! It is just such a thrill to hear such an amazing voice doing new songs!!! Celine is the greatest singer in the World!!

Most importantly please give us more news and much faster in future!!!


Thank You! Its greatly appreciated that you read all our comments.
One little request! PLEASE be the first source to give us updates on Celine and her albums. Its a bit sad that other sources are doing a better job at it!
Apart from that, it feels a bit better to have been addressed directly.

Lets keep it that way.

"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith." (Muslim)

releasing Live in Memphis on dvd, something we have been waiting for so long already, would not be a bad idea either. Maybe after having read our comments, maybe it is a good idea to join the discussion with the fans and it would not be a bad idea either if Celine posted some things every now and then, just to keep us enthousiastic about what's going on. What about showing us how recording goes, what people work with Celine, how it is recorded, interesting stuff like that.
We would so appreciate that!

I'm sure the album will be fantastic Celine, regardless of release date!
We know how much our Diva works to give the best for the fans! We always want the best for her. I'm sure the entire team of professionals working with our Diva is committed to making this new album the best! We support any decision because we are next to Celine Dion ALWAYS! I love Celine and I carry you in my heart every day!

I think that after all the time spent waiting for a new English cd releasing A COMPLETLY NEW ALBUM WITH ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS ONLY is the best thing Sony could give us at this point. Now, there's enough time to do it the right way, right?.

So many talented songwriters are dying to be even considered for using of their best works - it's a great priviledge to be Celine's writer. There are so many original songs that Celine could choose from and make them her own.

Still, Vegas covers could be released as a bonus cd accompanying the proper album. There are so many formats these songs could be released on!!! (an EP, iTunes)

In this way, both Vegas concertgoers and the diehard fans, who want 100% NEW SONGS would be satisfied - it's like 'the best of both worlds'.

Team Celine, please at least PAY ATTENTION TO OUR OPINIONS - these are indeed very sensible and could be really helpful in making Celine's recording career thrive.

For millions and millions of fans Celine will be primarily A GENIUS RECORDING ARTIST, why not prove them right it's still the case? Why not USE CELINE'S POTENTIAL to the fullest? Why not EXPLORE NEW SOUNDS, music styles etc.?

Team Celine, nothing compares to the euphoria when listening to Celine's own ORIGINAL SONGS!!! Please, bear that in mind and, if possible, let Rene know about about our suggestions.

dino 55 and Shaun, I support every comma of what you propose, that's what SO MANY fans are asking now (and have been asking since years)

I think its time to leave aside those Vegas covers and concentrate on a full brand new album of ORIGINAL songs entirely. That's what everybody is waiting for, NEW songs, after 5 years of absence. Not old covers.

And I also suggest for this official website to consider these:

1. More participation of the fans in Céline's team decisions, regarding the music we want to hear her record in her albums and perform in her concerts (enough covers in Vegas, please!!)

2. Polls in the official website asking us about the singles picked from her albums (not only about when we plan to go to Vegas...!)

3. We would like to see some of the unreleased material we know you have but has been ignored for years: A L'Olympia concert, Millenium Concert, The Collector's Series Vol. 2 and unreleased songs from past recording sessions.

Giving this to the fans once and for all (these are things you could have released during this 5 year-period of new releases!) won't hurt anyone, but would please many of us

And please,, if SONY MUSIC can't live up to the expectations of having such a gem singer with her, just release these things via Feeling Productions, like they did with the Taking Chances concerts in 2010 Wink

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

Dear , thank you for your message. Having addressed the fans is a step in the right direction. However, it would be nice if Sony and Celine's team would bear the following in mind for the future:

1. fans' opinions and suggestions (we support and love Celine ; we want her music to be the best it can be and what we think/suggest should matter)

2. feedback - it would be beneficial if Celine related information (news) were posted promptly and on a regular basis (it is strange that we should find certain information out from other sources sooner than the official website)

3. promo material /snippets (though it is not customary to include fans in decision making process, it might be helpful to include us in some aspects of it - for example, online listening sessions. Post a number of snippets and get feedback in return. Creating a fresh, new, creative, quality album would be the end result. The same can go for album cover, promotion, etc.

I support the postponement of the album if it wil be worked on more and offer us more brand new songs. Having Vegas covers is not a bad idea, which is why I believe it would be prudent to release a double cd package - one with covers and the other one with new material.

I believe I speak for every fan here when I say: "We never stopped being here for Celine or believing in her work. We don't ask for much and are willing to give ten times more in return. All we want is to be heard!"

About the new album I'm kinda disappointed with the covers because a whole new album with new songs would be great