Merry Christmas!

2013/12/25 4:00AM Canada (English)

From everyone here at we wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your continued love and support!

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Happy New year to you Celine and your family. I pray that 2014 is a great year. I love you!

Merry Christmas Celine! I love you...

Your fan,



Merry Christmas for Celine, her husband, her children and whole her family. God bless them. I love them

Merry Christmas Celine Rene and boys and all at team Celine....have a good from Jean in Scotland xx.

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Celine!
Have a joyful time together Smile

Thanks! I wish all the people from, all the fans and of course Céline and her family a very Merry Christmas!

Lovely Christmas greetings from Belgium!

Claudia x

Merry Christmas to Celine, Renè, RC, and the twins: Eddy and Nelson!
And to all Celines' fans Smile

Love <3

Merry Christmas to Celine, to her family and to the people who work for her as well!

Best wishes! Smile

Merry Christmas to Celine and to everyone!
God bless You...

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Merry Christmas to you Celine to your whole family and to all the people you work with and Merry Christmas to all the members here on Team Celine and I wish everyone an amazing day today Smile!!!!!!!
God Bless You All Laughing out loud

Merry Christmas to Celine and to all the people who work for her !!!

merry Christmas to all the people they work so hard at CelineDion. com may you have a happy 2014
best wishes
jane Ibbitson

jane Ibbitson
Perth. Western Australia