Merry Christmas!

2012/12/25 4:00AM Canada (English)

Merry Christmas to all, from everyone here at!

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Hulloh Celine,

A Blessed Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

Me oli tin agape mou,

Aspasia (ahs-pah-SEE-ah)


Jorge E. Carvajal C.

Marry Chrismas to everyone.

The only thing I want for Chrismas, is the summer date for Celine Dion at Ceasars in Las Vegas.

Please, please come on..... We have to book tickets from Europa, the price are raising day by day!!

This summer we went to Las Vegas, two days to late, to hear you Celine, and it is our biggest wish - LOVE

Merry Christmas to everyone!! Smile


Merry Christmas for everyone!

Celine i love you forever!

Marry Christmas to all Celine Fans around the world and also to our beloved Celine Dion and her Family!!!!!

Merry Christmas Celine!!!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

Merry Christmas everyone Santa
Merry Christmas to Celine and all your family Santa

Merry Christmas Celine,have a wonderful holydays!!!

Merry Christmas everybody Smile

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"

Merry Christmas Celine. I love you! ♥

The greatest reward is the sound of your voice,
The Greatest Voice Ever! ♥

Merry Christmas Celine!!!!<3
And Merry Christmas to all Celine's fans!!Smile

Merry Christmas everyone Smile

I Love You Céline

Merry Christmas, Celine!!! Счастливого Рождества, Селин!!!

Merry Christmas to Celine's Fans, much happiness.

I wish a very merry Christmas to everyone wholeheartedly!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

♡ Mon amour, il n'en tient qu'à nous de nous aimer plus fort!♡

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Smile))