Meet Celine and Help Haiti

2014/07/16 3:00AM Canada (English)

Want to win the chance to visit Celine backstage and see her show? You and your guest could be flown to Vegas, meet Celine backstage, have your photo taken together and then catch Celine’s show from front orchestra seats! Help women and girls who have been attacked in Haiti’s shantytowns. Enter as many times as possible! Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

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HaHa! Thank you @Leah and @Rebecca90. We have such a blast watching Celine's concert DVD's.

Haha, very cute video rsceline! Laughing out loud

if anything I hope one of you two (Rebecca90 or rsceline) win Smile
And like I said before I my parents wont let me donate money through the internet with something like this but I am glad I got to donate money to those in need by buying the Celine Dion Foundation cup and bracelet Laughing out loud that makes me feel good Smile
and btw I love your video rsceline, your daughter is so cute Laughing out loud

Yes please!!!! Pick me pick me!! Smile Celine could meet my little girl who sounds just like her! Great to be able to support a good cause as well! Awesome you do things like this! Blessings!

This would be my biggest dream come true!! And I'm very happy that by entering this contest, I can also support a good cause Smile