Meet and Greet With Celine Up For Auction

2014/05/23 3:00AM Canada (English)

Bid for a chance to meet Celine with author Brenda Novak’s 10th Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research. The package includes two tickets to Celine’s Las Vegas show and a meet and greet with Celine. Proceeds from the auction will go do the Diabetes Research Institute. The auction ends on May 31.

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OMG the auction stands at $5850! Great for the fund raisers!! Oh Well..... I have to be realistic, this auction is for the rich Sad
Oh well never mind..... One day Wink

I hope one day I will be there


Thank you Rebecca 90 and FromSpain!! Laughing out loud I really do believe that someday I will get to meet Celine, I just don't know how, when or where and I do believe the same for the both of you as well Smile everyday I just keep dreaming about this moment hoping someday it will be real!!! So thanks again for thinking of me and saying what you said in your comments!! It really means a lot Laughing out loud and like I said before you guys deserve a chance to meet Celine just as much as I do!!!!! Wink

@ FromSpain & Leah: It's true, I don't think there is any other fan here who keeps commenting all those posts as faithful as you do, Leah. Everyone here can feel how much you love Céline and I'm very impressed to see how much she seems to have changed your life already Smile And you are still so young! Laughing out loud I have no doubts that you are going to meet Céline one day! She keeps telling people to believe in their dreams, and if you believe that your biggest dream will come true, it will happen one day, I'm sure of that Smile

Omg FromSpain you are so sweet for saying that!!!! Laughing out loud but you also deserve to meet Celine just as much as I do and so does anybody else Laughing out loud Thank you FromSpain I really appreciate how much you want me to meet Celine when I read your comment it made me cry!! I'm speechless right now and I don't know what else to say lol besides the fact that I cant appreciate this enough!!!!! Laughing out loud
Thank you again so much Laughing out loud

If only the funds were available in the bank! Well congrats to the winner that will get to meet Celine.
That was very sweet of you FromSpain Smile

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Dear Leah,

We recommend you check your local listings for an air date.


Dear TeamGratts,

As per the official auction site you have one year to plan and attend the show in Las Vegas.


If I could...I would... There´s no money. Today I need think twice- to buy more bread? or more apples? for my small daughter. We stay in a deep deep crisis in Spain.

Where is TeamCéline?????

Please, dear TeamCéline, as an exception, organize the meet Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... with Céline. This very young fan deserves it! Look at all her comments, how faithful fan each day she is... I beg, help her!
She is so young, and may be this meet with Céline will rule all her future life to the best!!! I hope

"We need do the best for others"


I go to a show in Las Vegas. 8/20, 22, and 23.
I can't wait it!!!
This will run 8/31?
Las Vegas is far from Japan, I can't go only 2 times a year.
Fans around the world that want to meet Celine. Me too.
Thanks to our chances.
And feel the greatness of Celine such auctions.
But sometime do the meet Celine in the simple chance.
Even famous people or celebrities can not just meet fans.
I hope fans of Celine for me and all over the world.
Thank you.

From,More than 20 years of Celine fans MAKI

Maki @Tokyo,Japan

If only I had the money... Sad Good luck to everyone who's bidding!

Is there any way we could get to meet Celine with out having to spend so much money???? Because mom said there is no way we can afford to bid for something like this!! Sad
Please TeamCeline!!! I really want to meet her someday so badly Laughing out loud
And I have question about the 2014 world music awards: what channle will it be broadcasted on here in America?? Smile

Please clarify the dates as follows. The winning bidder will get two tickets and Meet & Greet between the 17th June 2014 to 19th June **2015**? Is this date 2015 correct and not a clerical error?
Thanks Rachel

Muito emocionante essa chance! Mas, brasileiro também pode participar? Abraço!