A Meet ‘n Greet With Celine Up For Auction Tomorrow!

2013/07/10 3:00AM Canada (English)

Tomorrow, a meet ‘n Greet with Celine in Las Vegas will be up for auction during the annual ‘Gallivan Cystic Fibrosis Golf Tournament’. The fabulous package also includes airfare for two and a two-night stay at Caesars Palace. You don’t have to be a golfer to place your bid; the auction is open to everyone! For more info about placing bids during the auction on July 11, 2013, please visit http://gallivan.thinkfresh.ca/auction.php. All proceeds will go to Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

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Céline you're the best!!!

You love your fans the people who have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis thank you you are very special to me!!


Dear ILuvUCelineDion-5,

For those of us who are common folk in the blue collar working world, it's hard to find something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Singing is Celine's job, and if my job were as successful, I'd use that to raise funds for charity, too. I think it's a blessing that so many charities are helped through Celine.

If you're able to save some cash, CharityBuzz.com frequently has auctions for a meet and greet with Celine, with the cheapest I've seen sold for about $6,000, all the way up to $18,000. On occasion, BiddingforGood.com will also have such an auction. Ebay Celebrity also had an auction a couple of years ago, with the proceeds going to The Grammys. Once a year in May, Brenda Novak has an auction for raising funds for juvenile diabetes, and the past 2 years has included a meet and greet with Celine. Also, the past 2 years (that I know of) in mid January, Celine has donated proceeds from her Sunday evening concert for charity....in 2012 it was for Sickle Cell Anemia and this past year was for Cystic Fibrosis. You can buy a package deal that includes dinner, the concert, etc., and two years ago patrons had their picture taken with Celine and this past year was a group photo with Celine front and center. I don't find out about these until they are posted on this website. These are all I know about. If I find out about anything else, I'll let you know.

Saving enough money to meet Celine would take a lot of patience and hard work, but I'm sure it would be well worth it! I'd love to sit and have a chat with her myself someday. Smile Please let me know how things are going and if/when you decide to do one of the CF events. Would love to hear all about it!!!

All the best,

to Jaye:

yes it helped a lot thank you so much I will find time to do one of those its more than a privilege to help out Celine with something like the cystic fibrosis foundation that means A LOT to her Smile thanks again!
now I just need to find out how I can meet her Smile any ideas??? lol Wink

To ILuvUCelineDion-5:

There are many ways you can raise money for cystic fibrosis. If you live in the US, all states have a Cystic Fibrosis chapter. Go to www.cff.org to find your state's chapter. Many states hold specific fund raisers, or you may join your local fund raiser for one of the national events, such as the Great Strides Walk or CF Cycle for Life. You can hold your own fundraiser of a bake sale, bowl-a-thon, metal drive, etc. The possibilities are endless. I've known people who have asked friends and relatives to forgo Christmas and birthday gifts and to give money instead, all of which is predetermined to go to CF. Letting them know ahead of time will often prompt and deepening of their giving. You may also make a donation of any size to any chapter or to the national CF foundation. In addition, you may make an online donation to the Canadian CF foundation AND you may designate that your gift is in memory of someone or in honor of someone, such as Celine. There is, however, a fee for the currency exchange, depending upon where you live. While large donations get press and media coverage, it is the small donations and individuals like yourself that really make a tremendous impact. Over the years, the life expectency of someone with CF has increased tremendously. When Celine lost her niece, the life expectency was only mid to late teens, and was thought of as a childhood disease. Now, we have people living into their retirement years, and CF is now a disease of any age. One of the greatest gains in the US has been the mandatory testing for CF on all newborn infants. In Canada, petitions are circulating in that nation's attempt to also have mandatory CF testing, because the earlier CF is diagnosed, the greater the outcome. Funds from donations are working toward this end. YOU can make a big difference without having to spend $10,000.

I hope this helps.

I would absolutely love to have a meet and greet with Celine and raise over $10,000 for cystic fibrosis but like I had said before there is no way I will be able to afford to do this Sad
I would still love to know if there are any other ways to meet Celine or to raise money for cystic fibrosis without having to spend all that money. I'm not trying to complain about it or anything like that I just would like to be able to actually do it because I know how much the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation means to Celine and its always been my biggest dream to meet Celine Smile
<3 I love you forever Celine <3

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