The Making Of “Water and a Flame”

2013/10/29 2:14PM Canada (English)
Caesars Palace takes you behind the scenes during the recording of “Water and a Flame”, from Celine’s new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’. Watch Celine work with producer Eg White in the studio.

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Hello Justin,

We will be sure to announce any upcoming appearances by Celine on UK programming as soon as they are made available.

Be sure to check back daily for the latest news!


can you confirm any tv shows Celine will appear on during her upcoming visit to the United Kingdom? Please give us some details.

Hi Leah,

Celine performed in New York yesterday night.


Celine i love you!!!!! Smile <3
i cannot wait untill novemeber 5th i am so excited Laughing out loud!!!!!
and when is Celine doing her concert in NYC????? i know i dont have tickets but i would like to at least know when it is becaus e i have heard nothing about it since they anounce the contest weeks ago!!!!!!! it would be nice to know!!!!!
thank you Smile

The bridge of this song gave me chills all over the place! In one breath! Amazing!