The Making Of “At Seventeen”

2013/11/04 8:11PM Canada (English)

Caesars Palace takes you behind the scenes during the recording of “At Seventeen”, from Celine’s new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’. Watch Celine work with producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds in the studio.

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If you wish to understand a brief history of football, you need to admit that for whatever reason, humans possess a natural desire to stop things. Be it to discharge frustration, or just for enjoyable, we do that even without having noticing.

Good evening Mrs Celine Dion, please I first want to apologise for my English as it si not my first lannguage myself and my beautifull 3 childern, Phillip 17, Kirsten 15, and my precious daughter 12 live in Pretoria in die breath talkingcountry of South Africa, you and the family did come to visit us on your world tour, It was the best news ever for myself to hear of the new album, I cannot wait when it is released in South Africa. I am turning 40 next year , but will honor my greatest dream and top of m y bucket list still to come and se the amazing show in Las Vegas, first need to get the childern through school and universaty.

Our childern is a gift from God, I can see in all the clips your kids mean the world to you as mine do for me, it is as they give us the inner strenght and motivation to keep ones head up and take each as the best as we can.

Mat you and the family have a blessed weekend.

Peace and love

Elize de Bruyn

Oh Celine, I can so relate to this song. You sing it beautifully. Thank you for doing this song.

Thank you Celine for recording and having this wonderful song in your new English album! I turned 17 years on 5th November! I thank you, thank you forever thank you for making this happiness to my soul! ♥

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

Beautiful song <3

Thank you with all my heart for this new album. Continued blessings and good health.

What a great new album!!!!! I pre-ordered on iTunes a month ago….and of course I loved it immediately. You're unique Céline!!!!!!! Congrats for another masterpiece Smile


First thing I did this morning?! . . . I bought Celine's new album! Yes, the wait is over! What to say . . . I'm thankful . . . overjoyed . . . and I love every song! Kisses from Italy!

It's a very touching song, it's hard to think that Celine had problems when she was a teenager cause now we see her self-confident and a huge star!
I'm trying to figure out how the people who made fun of her feeling now! I guess so bad as they deserve to feel!
Celine, you're a huge inspiration for many people and also for a 16 years old like me, i love you so much<3
Today I bought Loved me back to life!! I can't stop listening to it!!!!!!!!!
<3 xoxoxo

Dear Celine and Staff,

Thank you so much for doing this song. I think many people can relate to it. You have great insight for doing this song for the world. I also had a rough time with school and it was tough for me. We moved 5 times which meant 5 new schools and it was hard for me to adjust. I put a smile on my face and made the best of it. I also had an encounter with a bully in school and from an accident related to her, I was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. With time I was able to feel my legs and walk again and completely heal. I have fully recovered from that and forgive those who were involved. However, I will never forget that experience. It actually has made me who I am today. I had someone ask me, how are you the way you are? I told them the story of the bully. I said I had two paths before me, one where I could be positive and learn from this and forgive, or one where I could hold on to the sadness and hurt. I chose the positive path and it has made me a better person. I am not perfect, but none of us are. The goal on this planet is to do good while we are here. Celine, you are a great example of how to live ones life and you are helping so many people with your voice and your wonderful music. I believe music heals people. Thank you for all of your creative ideas and talent. We are looking forward to getting your new CD after November 5th!

With Love & Respect,

The Kindness of Strangers Can Restore Hope

I can relate to this song! Even though I'm not 17 yet
My 7th grade year I was severely bullied (verbally) and the words to this song could never be described more perfectly for what I was feeling when I was being bullied! My bully made me feel ugly and that everyone hated me! She made me become afraid to do certain things because she took my confidence away I was afraid i would mess up and everyone would laugh at me I was afraid of what people would think of me.
I remember I used to get nervous and scared over a little comment someone would say cuz I would think they were talking about me! I used to let everyone but myself control my life!
But now i thank God everyday because he put Celine in my life and she completely changed everything Smile through the person she is and through all of her AMAZING songs I have found my courage strength and confidence again! I am more stronger now than I have ever been before all because of you Celine! And I hope one day I can tell you this in person Smile!!!!! I love this song with all my heart Celine! NO ONE could ever sing it better than you Wink!!!!!
I love you so much Celine Smile and thank you for everything Smile!!!!!!