Loved Me Back To Life Reaches #1 on iTunes!

2013/11/05 3:17PM Canada (English)

Celine’s brand new studio album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ is now available! On the iTunes chart, Loved Me Back To Life reached #1 in 31 countries and ranked in the top 5 in an additional 35 countries. Thank you, Celine fans for making ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ a worldwide success!
See the album track list and read all the song lyrics in the Music section! Watch “making of” footage here!
Do you have your copy yet? Order the Limited-Edition Vinyl, Deluxe Edition or the standard CD at the Celine Dion Boutique and get 20% off the gorgeous ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ T-shirt!

Comments for this News article

Well congratulation Celine.
I hope the album get longetivity if more song to be released (don't forget the music video)
Can't decide my favorites tracks by now, need more listen because all track are great...
Great album Celine, this is really something new, no regret for bought it.
much love

This is a very good album. It's not her best album but it's very good.

My favourite songs from this album are:

Loved me back to life
Somebody loves somebody
Always be your girl

I don't like the new version of "Unfinished songs". The film version is much better. In fact, I love the film version.

The rest of the songs are so so.

I have the Album too. I'm so happy. I love all these songs. Thank you so much. Celine i love you forever. 12 points for Celine Dion.

I bought three albums (deluxe version)!!! i'm going to give one to my dad and the other two to myself.... Also got three beautiful calenders, Thank You Celine!!!

I just got my copy of Celine's new CD & I just finished listening to it...WOW...wanted the Deluxe but it wasn't available at should be... so I'll have to get it too because I love her version of "How do you keep the music playing"...This CD could have also been titled "Incredible" too...Even though this CD was supposed to have been released last Sept I'm so glad Celine waited for new material because every new song on here is a was definitey worth the wait...On the cover it says Celine is a "national treasure" but I'd say she is a "world treasure" "I'll always be your girl" brought tears to my eyes... Celine has worked hard for everything in her life including having her beautiful boys...I love her new CD/album and I love her...Congrats Celine!!!!! (5) exclamations...I also want to say none of the newer artist compare to Celine some of them have 1 or maybe 2 decent songs but Celine has 100's of great songs

#5 in iTunes Brazil, come to Brazil Celine, We love youuuu <3

Incredible... Congratulations, Celine! You're the only one... simply the best! I have already pre-ordered my copy at and now just have to wait till Nov, 11th!


How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Oh my gosh Celine #1 on iTunes Laughing out loud!!!!!!!!! That just made my day I feel line crying now I am just so happy for you Celine you truly deserve the #1 spot over everyone else thank you merci all you Celine fans for making his happen I don't know what else to say I am just so happy! I'm dying to know how many of her new albums have sold already and how many of them were downloaded from iTunes Smile
Will u team Celine let us know Smile
Thank you
This is just such an amazing album it's a no brainier that it made #1
Celine your effort you put into this album really payed off! I read that after your 2 hr long vegas shows you would go straight down to the recording studio at the Palms at like 11 at night and woulnt leave till 4 in the morning that show true devotion! Unlike everyone else who most likely wouldn't even want to do any recording after a concert I have ZERO respect for them!
But I could never get enough respect from you Celine it blows me away of what all you can do! You can manage to raise 3 wonderful kids at home you have a 2 hr concert every night for 3 months in a row on top of that, and then you stay up all night and sing in the recording studio and won't leave until the songs are 100% done you do like a million interviews you travel the world or you go on mini tours in certain countries you never stop! You are such a devoted and inspiring person to me and to millions of of others Celine and that is why we have so much respect for you you care so much about others and what we would like best and that is why we do out best to return that love right back to you!!!!! You are the best and we all love you Celine!
Now as Celine fans lets continue to make this album #1 world wide Smile Celine deserves it most Wink!!!!!

I've bought the CD the first day it's come out. Welcome back Céline! Your music helps me much.

Le 25 novembre à Paris!

So many professional reviews for Celine's new album have stated that INCREDIBLE with NeYo must be the next single!!

A performance of that song on a big US TV show (The X Factor) would keep Celine's album selling the entire holiday season!

Music videos for INCREDIBLE and LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE are vital!