Loved Me Back To Life Pre-sale: Last Chance to Get Two Free Gifts & Save 25%

2013/11/02 3:00AM Canada (English)

You have until Monday, November 4 at 3pm (ET) to take advantage of our pre-sale offer! Pre-order ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Limited Edition Vinyl, Deluxe Edition or standard CD at The Boutique and receive a FREE Silver Spinner Key Ring (a $10 value!) and a FREE instant download of Celine’s amazing first single "Loved Me Back To Life"!
That’s not all! Pre-order any version of the new album and save 20% on purchase of the Loved Me Back To Life T-shirt, or get 25% off the fantastic Celine... une seule fois Concert T-shirt, the Polaroid Picture T-shirtand the T-shirt Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?! This is your last chance to get two free gifts and fabulous savings! Visit The Boutique today!

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Yesterday on italian radio ANAUNIA I heard for the first time ever loved me back to life!!!!
I couldn't believe it!!! I started screaming and singing!
Can't wait till november 5th:)


Please make-A Music Video for LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE. People are now finding LMBTL on YouTube -- I've seen more recent comments about how people have just found out about this song because of her recent TV appearances. So now's the time for a music video! It would be such a waste for this incredible song! Even Celine said in the QVC interview that she had an idea of how a video should go!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

I agree with every word EternalSunshine said please we have been waiting so long for a LMBTL music video please Celine release a music video it will add even more success to your new album and us fans will LOVE IT Smile!!!!!!!!

Please create a beautiful music video for "Loved Me Back To Life" before the promotion in Europe beginns!!!!!!!!!!!

This would put this amazing song in the spotlight again!! Please use the story that Celine told in the "QVC" interview, that sounded soo amazing ..... it starts at 6:27 ...

.... a woman in an car accident ... the heart beat on the monitor .... lying in a coma ... her life runs through her inner mind ....

We are all waiting for a music video ............ way toooooooooo long!!!!

It will be worth the money .. please trust us fans ...

Fans, listen to this beautiful composition of Hans Zimmer (famous movie composer):

Doesn't it remind you to a song we all know? I think it'll be pretty cool to make a mash-up from these songs! It fits perfectly!

I finally pre ordered mine (the vinyl version) last week and I cannot wait till it gets here Laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!!
November 5th please get here faster!!!!!!!!