Loved Me Back To Life Lyric Video

2013/10/15 6:18PM Canada (English)

Calling all Celine fans, take a first look at the lyric video for “Loved Me Back To Life” and let us know what you think! Don’t forget you can pre-order the new album right here!

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This video is amazing, very beautiful!!!

So . .... Celine will take another round to sing the first single "Loved Me Back To Life" to promote the new album?! Does this mean, there will be a music video after all? It would give the single a great push in the charts.

Have you already decided what will be the second single, if the first one don't get the attention it deserve?!

Beautiful use of Nature and lighting! However, too random video - don't feel any Celine-factor, and the triangles are .. Strange.. Why?

LOVE the song!

Hy Ryba,

You can watch the lyric video here ; the video is viewable in Germany.


This video and song are amazing... Can't wait for the Official Video! and to get the CD!!! Im saving up for your concert!!

If the Lyric video is good, I can Imagine how great will the Official video be!!!! Thank YOU!!!!

Love Light Peace to all Celiniac's in the world! ^j^

I can't wait for the official video!
I hope there will be one!
Love you Celine<3

Does this mean there will be a videoclip after all? I hope so, this song deserves one!

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

OMG! I love it! I loooooove this lyric video~~~~~

especially when you expecting nothing,

it's new, it's cool, it's morden, I love it,

hope a really epic MV coms along later and Celine is acting~~~

Wow! Really arty farty! You can see a real artist worked on this.

Why again the triangle several times? Feeds the ridiculous buzz whether Celine is upporting illuminanati or not. It hurts me when people say things like that about the most honest and loving artist on this planet! What has a triangle to do with the song?

Why not an official videoclip then? They can use footage from 'Qui peut vivre sans amour' with the match that goes out, the dancing couple (they loved eachother back to life).

But this is allready a good sign Sony/Team Celine really listening to the fans! Thanks for this!

Love this lyric video team Celine Smile!!!!!
And now for a music video please Laughing out loud!!!!!
I have a feeling that its right around the corner Laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And btw here's something I want to share with all of you Smile
This is a picture of Celine in my most favorite outfit ever!!!!! This was during her une seule fois concert while she was singing je danse dans ma tete des mots qui sonnent incognito love can move mountains and river deep mountain high!!!!! It just looks amazing on her Smile!!!!!

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Loving this!!
Can't wait for the music video

Pretty nice, i hope its leading up to an official music video Smile

Thx for posting

I think we all need an official video starring Celine!

Santiago Colorado

many thanks for posting this lyric video! Smile Unfortunately, me and everybody else from Germany cannot see it due to GEMA. Is there any other way to see it?