'Loved Me Back To Life' Album Release Dates

2013/10/01 3:00AM Canada (English)

Be prepared for Celine's new album! Below are the album release dates for certain countries:

Germany, Norway, Austria and The Netherlands: November 1
Belgium: November 2
France, Poland and South Africa: November 4
North America and Italy: November 5
Australia: November 8
UK: November 11
Japan: December 4

We'll announce more release dates as they are confirmed. You can pre-order Celine's new album 'Loved Me Back To Life' now at The Boutique.

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@Tato that's also what i am waiting for, there's just, well, almost a month left and the album is out and yet no music videos....grrr...

Nós estamos esperando pelo lançamento do álbum no Brazil !!!!! Smile
South America....!!!! Smile

Celine, we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very Excited for the day! and I'm going to Celine's concert in Antwerp both days!! #a dream come true! 3rd time seeing her!

HOWEVER, I just was just about to order the Deluxe CD when I saw the shipping charges (I live in Amsterdam), the price in Euro's for the CD €15.36 [$19.99 USD] and then if I would like to receive the CD within 4-5 business days after November 4th I would be paying nearly €50 extra! I know all about supply chain costs and such, but this seems as if it hasn't been thought through. I cannot afford to pay this and was very much looking forward to the mp3 and the key ring * sigh*

Shipping costs for Amsterdam, the Netherlands
[INTERNATIONAL] International standard (expected arrival 8-24 business days after the release date) (€14.76 [$19.20 USD])
[INTLEXPEDITED] International expedited (expected arrival 6-14 business days after the release date) (€21.19 [$27.57 USD])
[INTTRACE] International rapid (expected arrival 4-5 business days after the release date) (€49.94 [$64.98 USD])


You can like the life you're living - you can live the life you like!
That's the way it is...

Check out my Youtube clip from the Antwerp concerts 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbJ4ZyKsH7c
My 'my love:my life 2008' clip: http://ww

How about here in the Philippines?

E no Brazil quando vai ser lançado?

Eder Nascimento

Can't wait till Monday 11/11!
All my favorite music artists decided to release their albums at the end of this year... so happy days will come again!
Smile Smile Smile

Can't wait for the 5th November, release in Italy !!!!! Smile

Can't wait to know when it's gonna be released in BRAZIL! Smile


My country POLAND is on the list. Thank you CelineDion.com
November 4th - I can't wait for this day. On this day I will buy the Deluxe Edition.
Poland loves you, Celine. Please come to Poland.
Best regards from Poland

And the the USA November 5th lol Wink
I cannot wait for this day Laughing out loud today is the first of October only one month and five days left I'm so excited Smile still hoping for a music video Smile and more from other songs as well Smile!!!!!