Loved Me Back To Life – Song Lyrics

2013/09/11 3:00AM Canada (English)

It’s been a little over a week since the release of “Loved Me Back To Life”, Celine’s amazing new single from her upcoming album of the same name. We know you’ve been listening to the song non-stop but have you learned the lyrics yet? Check them out so that you’re singing the right words! Don’t forget to rate the song and leave your comments on the page!

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WOW Celine! : ) I just came across your new song "Loved Me Back To Life" and There Is SOO Much Energy In It And Your Performance Of It! What An INSPIRATION You Are! : ) Thank You SOO Much for your Sincerity, Your Unashamed Boldness Of Holding To Your Morals And Faith, Virtue, And Being A WONDERFULL AND FAITHFULL Wife And Mother! I Like that You're A REAL Person, down to Earth, you might say.. You Are A TRUE Role Model Of Virtue! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AROUND YOU!

I Am ENCOURAGED! I also sing, and I write a lot of songs. I have been raising my Son for the last almost 21 years and we are now attending college together for our 1st semesters. He Is The GREATEST JOY, Next To My SALVATION! I have Embarked on Music Classes, as you can AllWays get BETTER! I came across your song as I am to do a project on 2 artists and songs for my voice class, so I have picked you Celine Dion, and your new song "Loved Me Back To Life" to be my first one. It May be my Final, if I decide not to do an Original : ) ..

I am now looking to Jump FULL In To my Music Career, and have thought of having other children. At the age of 43, you wonder if you should start over, but Why Not? My Life Is What GOD'S WILL IS!..

Flowing!~~Living In Maui, Hawaii

Ps. Have A GREAT Time Touring!

My Son has written better songs and is an amazing singer/songwriter/pianist and he cannot get a record deal, maybe he needs Celine Dion to sing them.

I am surprised that Celine chose a song like that to sing, he has written similar songs with sentiment and emotion and people tell him they are depressing, they are not depressing they are about life and all it embraces, his words are poetic and flowing and beautiful. I don't just say this because I am his Mother I say it because it is true and I don't wnat him to be dead and then his music found, a bit like Eva Cassidy's voice

What a wonderful song, love you always!!!

A lyric video would be awesome for us until a music video is made! I really hope a music video will be made!

celine you are the best love the song lessening to it all the time love it


Or maybe a lyric video would be fine, helping us wait for the actual one, which we have no clue about yet...