Loved Me Back To Life – Coming In October

2013/07/25 3:41PM Canada (English)

As many of you have discovered, Celine’s new album titled ‘Loved Me Back to Life’ will be released this October. We can’t wait!

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This October? Yeah riiiiight! We are extremely disappointed - again!

You made the best move ever getting rid of Water and a Flame. This is a much better album title and song. I am in love with it. Loved Me Back to Life is such a good title. You have no idea.

New album can't come soon enough! I'm so excited! Glad for the name change too!

Laughing out loud the song is great! and I think that 'Love Me Back To Life' is better name for title of your new album ^______^ thumbs up <3 it

The waiting time is over... soon! Smile

Eu mal posso esperar, esse álbum será incrivel, Loved Me Back To Life é uma canção maravilhosa, eu adorei!
O CD será um sucesso no Brasil, Celine nós estamos esperando por voce no Brasil, nós te amamos. <3

I can't wait, this album will be amazing, Loved Me Back To Life is a wonderful song, I love it!
The CD will be a success in Brazil, Celine we are waiting for you in Brazil, we love you. <3

Great news! Can't wait for the new English-language album and can't wait to buy it.
I hope there will be also a deluxe edition with photos, videos and more songs.
Best regards from Poland
Celine - you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finaly the album that we all have been waiting for. And once again with changes. Lets hope it's worth it all this wait.
Can't wait for October. It will be my birtheday presente in delay.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

Can't wait for October 7th!!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

Sony should release this single's awesome!!

OMG I'm so excited for her new album!

Michael T.

can't wait for love me back to life..
so excited!!

I can't wait for celine's new album..
so excited!!!

to Rach24UK- your birthday is in October too mines on the 17th whens yours????? Smile

I can't wait for her to get into this chorus!!!!! ...............Powerful!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Right in time for my birthday! So excited for this new album, water and a flame clip sounds incredible. Celine your voice is heaven!! I listen to your Taking Chances Live CD in my car constantly. Hope to see you live in the UK soon!

Wow!! I am so excited!! Wonderful name change for the new album...I love it Smile
Can hardly wait for first single!!!


Can't wait ! It's been too long. It's gonna be epic! Laughing out loud

I'm so excited!

Can't wait... and Hopefully I fly to see U....

I love the new title 'Love me back to life' and the single, of course!! will be amazing sung by her, she is the best!!!!♥ But .. a doubt .. Water and a Flame is no included in the cd, right? And the change of single and CD title, is what happened to Daniel Merriwhatever?

please release this album on October 17th that's my 16th birthday Smile that will be the best 16th birthday present ill ever receive Laughing out loud well besides actually meeting her in person and having her sing some songs of my choice for me Smile I will cry big time if that happens!!!!! my biggest dream ever Smile
<3 love you forever Celine <3 Smile

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Can't wait for October!!!!! Smile

The new single from the album should release very soon... Can't wait to hear it!

I have just listened to the demo version sung by Sia. It's terrific!!!!!!! If you promote it properly it could become a huge hit but please don't promote it in Canada and USA only, don't forget the rest of the world: South America, Europe, etc...
The album should be promoted properly all over the world to show the world that Celine is still an international superstar and it would be a very good idea to embark on a world tour and visit places she has never visited before "South America".

You changed the name of the album!!!! that's great!!!!!! well done Celine!!!!!!!!
I hope "water and a flame" is not included on the album.

I hope this new album is as good as the albums "Celine Dion", "Falling into you", "Let's talk about love", "All the way... a decade of song", "One heart", "Taking chances"

Estou super feliz com o novo álbum mal posso esperar outubro chegar.Parabéns Celine!!!

Mal posso esperar por essa hora esse CD promete musicas espetaculares que vindo de Celine é o melhor TE Amo Celine Dion

I pity the so-called artist who made a big deal out of 'Water and a Flame'. He should be really grateful of Celine using his material for her new album but look what happened. This is definitely gonna be a very much anticipated album of the year. Smile)

Better than Water and a flame, better song and better title !
Yeah !!!

heard the demo version of the title track sung by sia. terrific song. very fresh, very different! loved it at first listen!!! cannot wait when the summer is over Smile

The DM controversy is a blessing in disguise! This is going to be a great album! So glad she has an army not a team standing up with her! I know some of the changes have frustrated fans but this seems to be a way better album with new material! Yay TeamCeline and Sony for changing the concept of the album! It will be worth the wait!

I can not wait!!! I love the title by the way!

Thanx for the confirmation. We had already heard the new single too (Loved me back to life) on the web (and we loved that). So, what are you waiting for to officially release the new single??? We need to buy that on Itunes as soon as possible! Come on! Is getting too late!

Welcome back to life Celine! Glad of the tittle change... Start posting the new songs! ; )

Is the song climb every mountain that is on this album the same one as the one from the movie the sound of music because I love that song and Celine will sound amazing singing it Smile!!!!!
and I hope so badly that her album will be released on the 17th of October because that is my birthday it will be my most best birthday present I'll ever receive!!!!! Smile
<3 I love you forever Celine and can't wait for your new album <3
(I'm glad you changed the title of the album by the way Smile)


I'm glad they chose this album title instead! Smile Thank you for listening to us fans! Laughing out loud Looking forward to the album! Laughing out loud

Soo happy with this news and that the WAAF title was dropped.
Don't mind the song being on the album but don't give merriweather the satisfaction of releasing it as a single!
Can't wait to hear the new single:-D
Bring it on!!

Great change in the title!! Bye bye Daniel MerrywhatsoeverChristmas!!!

Now when you will let us hear the first single???

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

I'm so happy for new title!
I can't wait!

I couldn't be happier right now!
I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Smile <3

HASTALAVISTA DANIEL (i think i spelled that right lol) so does Celine know about this whole story by now i hope she's okay!!!!! and is this a cover song or is it hers either way ill be happy im just wondering Smile does team celine or anyone have a clip of her singing this song cuz i really really want to hear it Laughing out loud

Take that, Daniel Merriwhatever!
God, he is so dumb...

I hope the song WAAF will also NOT feature on the album.

Thanks for at least changing the album title!!

Yay!! Finally an official announcement! Thank you TeamCeline!! You've made my day

Thanks to God!!!! Amazing tittle byebye Daniel Merrichristmas

My name is Michael from Puerto Rico.