Loved Me Back To Life’ Wallpapers For Your Mobile!

2013/09/20 12:14PM Canada (English)

We recently created some fabulous new desktop wallpapers but we didn’t forget your phones! Show your love for Celine’s new single and upcoming album on the go - download the beautiful ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ wallpapers on your iPhones or Android phones! Simply log into your TeamCeline account and click on the ‘Extras’ tab. Not a member? Join now and help yourself to lovely mobile phone wallpapers!
*The mobile wallpapers may only function with certain Android phone models; you may try downloading one of the desktop versions if the wallpapers don’t appear properly on your phone.

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Oh thanks. Very nice....

@ SheenColorado
They must record & release "Loved Me Back To Life" official music video soon!

I think they won't release a loved me back to life's music video, and that's why they released the live version only, as they did with My Love, Alone and Eyes On Me. I HOPE I'M WRONG, if not, would be a shame.

Santiago Colorado

i just now looked all the way back to see when Celine's first music video for sans attendre (parler a mon pere) was released last year and it was released on septemeber 6th 2 months away from when that album was released! when is LMBTL's music video going to be released??? we've only got almost 1 month left till her album comes out and we havnt heard a thing about it yet! will there be a music video???? i really do hope so!!!!! i am really excited about Celine's new album and im anxious to see a music video now Laughing out loud!!!!! i hope we hear about it soon Smile!!!!!
love fom Leah Laughing out loud!!!!!