A Look At “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”

2013/07/13 3:00AM Canada (English)

As the 1988 winner, Celine was invited to open the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne, Switzerland where she premiered “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”. A year later in 1990, Celine released it as her first English-language single from her English-language debut album ‘Unison’. The song became Celine’s first international hit and was later included on her 2008 greatest hits album “My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection”. Get reacquainted with her international breakthrough hit below!

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Celine won Eurovision in 1988, the year I was born! Crazy. She's come a long way, I admire her so much, so talented and hard working! Fingers crossed I get to see her live one day..

Simply but very strong,I like that so much.

I have never listen to anyone sing as good as Celine, love her!!!

This is a great song and Celine looks so young in this clip! Love it!

[color=black][i] "Love Can Move Mountains"[/i][/color]

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! it is my favorite on the Unison album Smile
<3 love you forever Celine <3

Céline you have come a VERY long way!! And you're the best singer ever!!