A Look At “Que toi au monde”

2013/04/21 3:00AM Canada (English)

“I only have you in this world, to talk to about love. Only you come to my rescue when I call on you. I only have you in this world, if I lost you I think I would die. You know… I only have you”. Songwriters Luc Plamondon and David Esposito wrote this touching song from the point of view of a soldier’s wife. The song expresses love, devotion and the desperate fear of losing a loved one during war. Luc collaborated once more with Celine on her new French album ‘Sans attendre’ by offering her the beautiful song “Que toi au monde” (Only You In This World). Does this song speak to you? Do you know someone in this situation?

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Beautiful song, I loveeeee...

This is one of my favourite songs on the album!!! It is so beautiful!!!


Dear CelineDion.com,
is it possible that all songs from Celine’s latest French album "Sans attendre" will appear on this website with English lyrics, as "Parler à mon père" and "Le miracle"?

Love this song!! <3